The Complete Amazon Prime Video Review

amazon prime video review
What comes to mind when you think of Amazon Prime? Probably shopping, right? After all, that free 2-day shipping is a nice perk. But what many people don’t know, or are just starting to realize, is that the biggest perk of an Amazon Prime membership is the deep library of on-demand TV and movie content it gives you access to.

In searching for a favorite television show or movie, you’ll undoubtedly have come across ads or links to Amazon Prime Instant Video. But many online users still know very little about what it is, how much it is, and what the benefits are of having it.

Through this guide we’ll discuss the key functions and benefits of trying out Amazon Prime Video, as well as the cost, availability of an Amazon Instant free trial, and more. Learn all about it below in our comprehensive Amazon Prime Video review.


What is Amazon Prime Video?

what is amazon prime instant video?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service from Amazon that focuses on providing viewers with quality tv shows and movies streamed directly to their devices through their internet connections. You can stream certain shows straight to your computer or smart device, and watch anything in their library of over 40,000 movies and shows.

On top of that, you’ll receive the added features that come with having Amazon Prime in general that we discuss below.


What are the Main Features of Amazon Prime? (Instant Video, Music, and More!)

When you’re looking for a quality online service, you’re not likely to find one that offers as many great features as Amazon Prime does. With 2-day delivery, including free shipping and access to their Instant Video content, you’d think those would be enough for the 20,000,000 user base, but that only scratches the surface of everything it has to offer.

  • Ad-Free Music Streaming: No more constant Pandora commercials – yes please. On top of unlimited skips and the ability to make your own playlists, this is a great added feature for music lovers everywhere.
  • Kindle eBook Rentals: If you’re an eBook reader you’ll love the Kindle Owners Lending Library. No due dates to speak of. The only caveat to renting an eBook is that you can only have one checked out per month – but you can return your finished one for a replacement at any time.
  • Amazon Mom: Being a parent is one of the most expensive tasks around today, and likely always will be. Featuring discounts on baby products like diapers and wipes, it can become any parents dream feature!

There’s more benefits and features than these, but they’re the ones that are the biggest and also the most taken advantage of…and you can try them all out with the Amazon Prime free 30-day trial.

What Devices Can Play Amazon Prime Video?

A great thing about Amazon Instant is their domination in the field of device support. You can watch freely from your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle; they even have support for a whole slew of smart tv’s and Amazon Fire TV and Roku streaming media players.

For all you gamers out there they even have apps you can download on your Xbox 360 or One, PlayStation 3 or 4, as well as the Wii and Wii U Nintendo systems. For a full list of supported devices, you can find them here.


What Shows Does Amazon Prime Video Offer?

amazon prime instant video shows

Searching for something to watch can end up being something of a chore, especially when you’ve already exhausted your own movie library. Luckily, there’s services like Amazon Prime out there to keep us entertained with movies and shows for… well, indefinitely.

They feature shows from a wide array of channels, such as HBO and PBS to even Nickelodeon and CBS Kids. That means it’s common to find shows like the Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Blues Clues, and Downtown Abbey, all under the same roof.

Amazon Prime also hosts a slew of their own original television series, such as Bosch, Transparent, The Fashion FundThe Man in the High Castle, Hand of GodMozart in the JungleMad Dogs, Catastrophe, Betas, Alpha House, and even their kids series Creative Galaxy. Basically, they’ve got something for everyone, regardless of the age.


How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

Amazon Prime is reasonably priced at $99 per year (which comes out to $8.75 per month). While you do have to pay for the full year up front, it’s similarly priced to other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, yet it comes with so many more perks.
Want to reduce the cost? Barring special seasonal promotions, the only way the cost is reduced is if you become approved for an Rewards Visa card at the same time, which reduces the price to $69.


Can I Try Amazon Prime Video for Free?

amazon instant free trialLuckily, you can get a full 30 day Amazon Instant free trial if you sign up for the service today to get a feel for what all the service can offer you, all before you commit to buy. If you end up not wanting to stick with it but forget to cancel, they’ve even been known to refund the cost. That can be pretty helpful in and of itself, because for many people today, $100 can make a big difference.

One last offer is for the students, because if you sign up with a .edu email address, you can utilize the Amazon Student section to get a six month trial. On top of that, the $99 gets cut in half upon completion of the Amazon Instant free trial, so students can get access to all the benefits for considerably less!


Try Amazon Prime Video Today

The perks are many. The risk is none. Try the Amazon Prime free trial for 30 days today. Then you can decide for yourself if Amazon Prime Instant Video is the right service for your needs.



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