MLB Network Live Stream: How to Watch MLB Network Online without Cable

mlb network live stream

It is no surprise that the hardest fans to convert to a cable-free life are sports fans. All of the major U.S. sports franchises have such a tight hold on their brands that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to watch live games without access to pay TV. The good news for cord cutters is that it is possible to get an MLB Network live stream without a cable subscription, and we are here to tell you how!


What is the MLB Network?

mlb network live stream

MLB Network is baseball’s primary channel. The network is home to commentary, analysis, spring training coverage, and many of the games themselves. Some of the programming includes:

  • MLB Network Showcase
  • MLB Matinee
  • Minor League Baseball
  • MLB Tonight
  • Hot Stove
  • Quick Pitch
  • MLB Now
  • The Rundown
  • International Talk
  • High Heat
  • Clubhouse International

And so much more!

As people relocate all over the country for jobs, family, or just a change of scenery, they often take the love of their home team with them. So, if you’re living in the Braves country of Atlanta, Georgia but you’re a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, it can be hard to watch the games you want out of market. MLB Network makes watching your team, or at least getting news about their games, more possible.

During the regular season, the MLB Network will air several games per day. They can be blacked out in their home markets, but still be broadcast on television, which means fans from around the country can still keep up with their favorites.

But without cable, how can you have access to watch MLB Network online? The news is looking up. Here is what we know.


MLB Network Live Stream on VIDGO Soon

mlb network live stream

Huge news for the ability to watch MLB Network online just came from the newest live streaming service to enter the market. VIDGO, which is slated to launch soon, just announced that they will be carrying MLB Network streaming when they do.

According to their current press information, VIDGO will offer all of the broadcast television stations, including CBS and PBS, live streaming to subscribers. They also report that they will allow users to customize their own package of channels.

We’re not quite sure what that will look like in practice, but it is promising for fans with diverse interests and to eliminate the trope of having 800 cable channels with nothing to watch.

Offering sports packages like MLB Network streaming is really big for the cord cutting community, because the options for watching sports have been pretty slim before now. If you’re a sports fan who has already cut cable, you know too well the added cost of the bar tab as you seek out a communal place to watch the game. Now with VIDGO, you can watch from the comfort of your own home through most major devices like Android, iOS, Roku and more.

Stay tuned to our pages for more information as VIDGO rolls out their service across the country.


Do Any Other Services offer MLB Network Streaming?

Right now, there are no other ways to stream MLB Network live without a pay TV login. But we mention it because other services work regularly on adding new channels to their lineup. They understand how big a draw sports networks are for their audience and new customers.

Sling TV is our favorite cable replacement option. It gives users access to tons of online content from a variety of previously hard to find channels, including some sports coverage like ESPN. We will absolutely update if we hear they will be adding the MLB Network live stream to their library of content. Read our full review of Sling TV here.

PlayStation Vue is also a complete system that offers tons of live streaming content.  While there are a few more restrictions with this service, it is great for a lot of reasons. You can read our review for it here. Like Sling TV, they also have a number of sports networks, including ESPN and FOX Sports, in their basic packages. If they become a source to watch MLB network online, we will be sure to update our information immediately.



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