Watch Louisville Basketball Online: 2015-2016 Live Stream & TV Schedule

watch louisville basketball online

The Louisville Cardinals have had an impressive season so far and have slowly but surely climbed up the AP and Coaches rankings. Starting the year outside of the top 25, Louisville looks comfortable inside the top 20 at the moment. They are looking like a top contender in the ACC and will surely have a good chance at going deep into the tournament. Want to watch Louisville basketball online? We’ll show you how. 

Cardinals fans will surely want to watch Louisville basketball live stream and not miss any potential games during March Madness. If you are a cable cutter, this might seem impossible, but there are now multiple options for you to watch Louisville basketball online for the rest of the season. Below is a detailed guide with all of the information you need.

The Best Way to Watch Louisville Basketball Online – Sling TV

Sling TV

The absolute best option to watch Louisville basketball online for the rest of the season is Sling TV. It will also be far and away the best and easiest way to watch March Madness live as well. This is because Sling TV, a subscription streaming service, offers over 20 cable channels, some of which will certainly be showing some great college basketball games.

Sling TV’s starting package costs $20 per month with no contract demand, meaning you can cancel at any time you may like. Sling TV channels include TBS, AMC, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 (Accessed on WatchESPN with your Sling TV credentials), and much more. If you take a look at the Louisville basketball TV schedule for the rest of the season, you can tell Sling TV will be an awesome opportunity to watch Cardinals basketball online for the rest of the regular season and for March Madness live streaming.

With a Sling TV subscription, you can watch live streams of your favorite sporting events and TV shows on your phone, tablet, computer, or your TV with a device like Roku or the Amazon Fire TV Stick. That means for $20 per month you can actually watch Louisville basketball live on your TV – basically no difference from your cable subscription, only for a fraction of the cost!

You can also add additional channels to your subscription, such as TruTV. During March Madness, you can access a TruTV live stream via Sling TV, which will give you access to certain tournament games. It is included in the Lifestyle add-on package offered by Sling TV for only $5 per month. There are other add-on packages available like the Sports Extra package, which includes additional sports channels like ESPNEWS, SEC Network, ESPN Goal Line, and ESPNU.

Sling TV’s basic package offers tremendous value, but at the moment the best value would be to take Sling TV up on its limited-time offer. Right now, when you sign up for three months of Sling TV, you receive a free Roku 2 Player. The Roku 2 will let you stream Sling TV on your TV. Many sources, like CNET, say the Roku 2 is a better value over the newer Roku 3, since it is just as fast as the Roku 3. The retail price for the Roku 2 is $69.99, so this deal lets you get $10 off a Roku 2 and three months of Sling TV. It is a great deal and the best option out there to watch March Madness and Louisville basketball online.

Right now, you can actually test Sling TV free with a 7-day free trial!

WatchESPN lets you Live Stream ESPN3

watchESPN app

If your internet service provider is included on this list, you can access WatchESPN for free. It can be accessed only on the WatchESPN website or on your XBOX with an XBOX Live Gold Membership, so it does have some limitations compared to the normal WatchESPN service with Sling TV or a paid cable subscription. Also, another limitation is only ESPN3 is available on WatchESPN with this option. There are clearly better options, but considering it could be completely free it can certainly be an opportunity to watch Louisville basketball online if they play on ESPN3.

CBS College Sports Live Partners with Louisville to Broadcast Live Cardinals Sports

CBS College Sports Live

College Sports Live from CBS covers more than 18,000 sporting events live during the entire year. CBS has agreements with over 100 schools to broadcast live video or audio streams of events from all varieties of sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Louisville is in agreement with College Sports Live and some of its sports will be covered. You can check out the broadcast schedule to see how you can follow the action of the Cardinals throughout the season.

College Sports Live starts at $9.99 per month and does not require a contract for the monthly subscription. You can sign up for an annual subscription for $99.99 per year, saving about 2 months’ worth of subscription costs. If you are thinking about subscribing, you can read more in the College Sports Live review.

Pair an OTA DVR and Antenna to Never Miss a Second of Louisville Basketball Live

Sometimes during a big game all you want to do is fast-forward through another boring commercial and get right into the action. DVRs have been the answer for sports fans and over-the-air DVRs are the answer to fans that have cut cable.

An antenna and an over-the-air DVR will let cable cutters watch, record, rewind, and pause live TV from network broadcast channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. If you take a look at the Louisville basketball TV schedule you’ll be able to see what games will be featured on these channels. Also, some March Madness games will surely be broadcast on the network channels. If you are looking for an antenna we recommend the Mohu Leaf 50, mainly due to its impressive 50-mile reception range.

The Tablo is our highly recommended over-the-air DVR option. There are several options out there, as you can see from DVR comparison guide, but the Tablo really is our top choice. It does much more than the basic DVR features (pause, record, rewind, etc…). The Tablo connects to your phone, tablet, or computer to let you watch your recordings or live TV. This setup will let you watch a Louisville basketball live stream anywhere you can get an internet connection!

Watch Louisville Basketball Online With a PlayStation Vue Subscription

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue, Sony’s subscription streaming service, is another solid option to watch Louisville basketball online. PlayStation Vue costs $49.99 per month, a little steeper than Sling TV, but offers around 50 channels in its starting packaged including CBS, TNT, TBS, truTV, and NBC. You can check out the Louisville basketball TV schedule to find out what games you can watch live.

PlayStation Vue can be watched on your iPad, Amazon Fire TV, PS3/PS4, or Chromecast. Unfortunately, it is only available in a limited number of cities— Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Obviously it is not an option if you do not live in one of these areas. But, if you do it would be another easy way to watch a Louisville basketball live stream come game day!

Cable Cutters – Watch Even More Sports Online!

If you are a college basketball fan that has cut cable you should check out our full guides on how to watch college basketball online. We also have a full guide on how to watch sports online.


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