Watch Pac 12 Basketball Online: 2015-2016 Live Stream Guide

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With college basketball season fast approaching, fans are beginning to make plans to watch their favorite Pac 12 teams play, from UCLA to USC to Oregon, Arizona and more. While cable remains one of the easiest methods to watch college sports, it’s also the most expensive and requires the biggest commitment.

Luckily, it’s now possible to watch college basketball online, without a cable subscription. The options for each conference differ slightly. For fans of Pac 12 schools, we’ve put together a guide below, where we’ll go over all the various methods you can use to watch Pac 12 basketball online.


Watch Pac 12 Basketball Live Streams with Sling TV

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For fans of basketball teams in the Pac 12 conference, one of the best services to use is Sling TV.

Many Pac 12 games will be hosted on the ESPN family of networks. Sling TV lets you watch ESPN online, so if you don’t have cable, it’s the only way to access these games. This season, a total of 44 Pac-12 games will air on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU. Both ESPN and ESPN 2 are available in the standard Sling TV package for $20 per month, while ESPNU is part of the Sports Extra package for an additional $5 per month.

Sling TV also offers live coverage of TNT, TBS, and TruTV, three channels that host many Pac 12 games during March Madness.

Sling TV is a simple, affordable service that offers a ton of content. Here are some of the key features:

  • $20 per month
  • No contract, no commitment
  • Gives live access to ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, A&E, AMC, Disney Channel, and more
  • Enjoy 20+ live channels in total
  • Access ESPN3 and ABC via the WatchESPN App for free
  • Add the Sports Extra package for $5 per month, which adds channels like ESPNU, ESPN Buzzer Beater, SEC Network, and more
  • Sling TV is an online streaming service – no cable required

You can use Sling TV at home on your computer, or on your smartphone or tablet. You can also watch directly on your TV using a streaming player, such as a Roku or Chromecast. If you plan to use Sling TV to watch Pac 12 basketball online throughout the season, we recommend taking advantage of a special promotion currently offered: sign up and pre-pay for 3 months of Sling TV, and get a free Roku 2 or 50% off a Roku 3.

So, to sum up, for just $20 per month you’ll enjoy live content from some of TV’s best channels. You’ll be able to watch a Pac 12 basketball live stream whenever the game is hosted by ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, TBS, or True TV. Access even more Pac 12 games, plus tons of other sports content, for just $5 more with the Sports Extra package. And don’t forget – you’ll enjoy tons of live movies, talk shows, news, and TV shows from 20+ popular networks. Read our full Sling TV review for more info.

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Watch Select Pac 12 Basketball Live Streams with CBS College Sports Live

CBS College Sports Live

CBS College Sports Live is a new streaming service that offers fans access to live sports streams from specific schools. In total, 75+ schools are partnered with this service, including 2 Pac 12 schools: Utah and USC.

If you’re a fan of Utah or USC, CBS College Sports Live offers a good way to watch live games online. You’ll be able to watch all kinds of sports, as well, including basketball, football, and much more. Read our full review of the service for more details.

You can use CBS College Sports Live from anywhere with an internet connection. Enjoy live streaming on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll also get access to an online on-demand library of sports clips and replays.

At $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year, College Sports Live is a pretty good deal. For watching Pac 12 basketball online, there are better options, but if you’re a fan of USC or Utah, this service is a good choice.

Click here to learn more.


Watch Pac 12 Basketball Games Online for Free Using the WatchESPN App

watchESPN app

The WatchESPN App gives users access to lots of live sports content, including select Pac 12 basketball live streams. Some ISP and cable providers give their customers access to the WatchESPN App for free. Check here to see if your ISP provides access. If your ISP is not on the list of participating providers, you can also use your Sling TV login to access the app for free.

WatchESPN has apps for Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS devices.

For watching Pac 12 basketball online, the free content on WatchESPN App is fairly limited. It provides direct access to ESPN3, which does host a handful of Pac 12 games throughout the season, but that’s the only thing it offers in terms of Pac 12 coverage, unless you log in with your pay TV account, like Sling TV. Then, you will also be able to access whatever ESPN channels are in your TV package.


Watch Featured Pac 12 Basketball Games for Free Using Your Antenna

Some Pac 12 games air on CBS, with the most coverage during March Madness. FOX also airs a few national Pac 12 games. Both CBS and Fox are OTA channels, meaning they broadcast over-the-air, for free.

To pick up these channels and watch Pac 12 basketball free, all you need is an HD antenna. The Mohu antenna is our #1 recommendation. It’s affordable, easy to use, easy to install, and works great. If you use your Mohu in combination with a quality DVR device, you’ll be able to watch live games and replays at your convenience.

For the ultimate convenience, use the Tablo HD DVR to record games, and stream both recordings and live antenna feed to all your connected devices, wherever you go. Enjoy watching free Pac 12 basketball on-the-go, using your Tablo and Mohu combo!

Watch Pac 12 Basketball Online using Playstation Vue

playstation vue

For fans of Pac-12 schools living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, New York CIty, Miami, or Chicago, Playstation Vue is an option for watching select Pac-12 games online. Currently, Playstation Vue is ONLY available in those 7 cities, and to use it, you need a PS3 or PS4, iPad, or Amazon Fire device.

Playstation Vue provides access to the FOX family of networks, including Fox Sports One (FS1). In the 2015-2016 season, FS1 will air 23 Pac 12 games in total. You can watch all these Pac 12 live streams on your PS3 or PS4, using PS Vue. Sony is also in the process of adding the ESPN channels to its lineup, but they haven’t been added just yet.

Playstation Vue has packages starting from $49.99 per month. Due to the limited availability, it might not be your best option at this point. Hopefully Sony has plans to expand the coverage of Vue in the near future.

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