Washington Football Live Stream 2016: Watch Washington Football Online


The Washington Huskies are just one of the top Pac 12 teams you should be watching this year. But without cable, how can you be sure to catch all the action and watch the Washington football live stream? We can recommend a few options, to read on to learn more.


Watch the Washington Football Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is our favorite option for cable cutters. It is particularly good for sports fans, and Pac 12 fans. You can watch the Washington Football stream when it airs on ESPN, ESPN2, and more. Sling TV also offers the option for the Pac 12 Network with their Sports Extra package. You can also watch the Huskies games that air on ABC through the WatchESPN app and ESPN3, which you can use your login to access.

Sling TV is affordable, at only $20 per month with no contract, so you can cancel at any time. The Sports Extra package is only an extra $5 per month, which still makes this the most reasonable option price-wise. You can stream on a variety of devices, including your computer and smart phone. Or, if you want a new streaming player, consider looking into some the Sling TV deals for Roku or Apple TV.

Try Sling free for 7 days and watch the Washington football game live stream today!

Watch Washington Football Online with PlayStation Vue


Another streaming option for cord cutters is PlayStation Vue. It is similar to Sling TV, in that it also offers ESPN, but there are some significant differences. To learn more about it check out our review. For some viewers, it may be the best way to watch the Washington football live stream, so have a look for yourself.

However, it will be more expensive overall. It starts at $30 to $40 for just the basic package. It is also available to stream on fewer devices. For instance, they do offer it streaming on Roku, but not on Apple TV. You are also limited to your home network. Even with the mobile app, they restrict streaming content while you’re on the go.


An Antenna Can Connect You to the Washington Football Stream Live

You may feel like you’ve just stepped off a time machine in the past, but you’re probably thinking about antennas all wrong. The new digital models are great and nothing like the rabbit ears of your grandparents’ generation. You can watch the Huskies games that air on broadcast TV for free after your initial equipment investment. To learn more about them, check out our buying guide.

What makes them even better is the ability to connect them to an over-the-air DVR. This incredible device allows you to record live, broadcast network TV and watch it at your own convenience. It also gives you the ability to stream the live TV to a connected device while you’re away from home, so you don’t have to feel trapped and you can watch these Washington football game live streams from anywhere!

That’s what we know about how you can watch Washington football online without cable. To learn more about college football in general, check out our guide here.