Watch the Detroit Pistons Online: 2016 Pistons Live Stream Guide

watch the detroit pistons onlineThe Detroit Pistons have made it to the playoffs, and despite coming in as an 8 seed, they aren’t planning on laying down for anybody. And for fans who want to watch Pistons games online, there’s good news — there are more legal options for enjoying a Pistons live stream than ever before!

Are you ready to watch?

If you’ve done away with your cable company, you should explore your options to watch the Detroit Pistons online. Luckily, there are several easy, legal ways to do just that. Read on to learn more in this Pistons live stream guide

Live outside the U.S.? Learn how you can watch the Detroit Pistons online here.

Watch Detroit Pistons Live Stream on Sling TV

what is sling tv

Sling TV is an online streaming service that offers the best parts about cable, without the high cost or long-term contract. Basically, subscribers to Sling TV will enjoy unlimited live access to more than twenty popular cable channels – with no contract, and for only $20 per month!

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get with Sling TV:

  • All the content hosted on 20+ cable channels
  • Channels like HGTV, TNT, ESPN, Disney Channel, TBS, and more
  • Live NBA coverage on ESPN and TNT every week
  • Stream on mobile devices, streaming players, computers, and more
  • No contract, no commitment
  • Access to NBA games on ABC with the WatchESPN App
  • NBA Playoffs live stream coverage for all rounds

For NBA fans, Sling offers a lot. Because ESPN and ESPN2 are included in the channel lineup, you’ll be able to watch every NBA game that ESPN hosts. Check out the NBA on ESPN schedule to learn more. Plus, Sling offers access to TNT, which also hosts games throughout the season plus the NBA All Star Game. See the NBA on TNT schedule for details. Lastly, you can use your Sling TV login credentials to use the WatchESPN App, which lets you watch ABC-hosted games every week. See the NBA on ABC schedule.

Sling TV works on a variety of devices. However, for the best viewing, we recommend using a streaming player to watch on your TV. If you don’t have a streaming player, Sling TV will give you a free Roku 2 or 50% off a Roku 3 when you sign up for 3 months of service.

Still on the fence? Give it a whirl with a free 7-day trial and watch Pistons games online!


Watch Detroit Pistons Live Stream plus On-Demand Replays with NBA League Pass

nba league pass

For fans looking for the most NBA content possible, NBA League Pass is a good choice. This is the league’s official streaming service, and it provides a great way to watch the Detroit Pistons online, plus keep up with your other favorite teams (and rivals).

With NBA League Pass, you’ll get full access to live streaming of every regular season game. That’s up to 40 games each week! Plus, if you miss a game, you can catch a full-HD replay on-demand, on your own schedule. During the NBA Playoffs, you won’t be able to live stream the games, but you can still watch replays. There’s also a large library of past classic games that you can watch when you find yourself bored.

NBA League Pass works on many devices – streaming players, computers, mobile devices, and more. It’s an easy and flexible way to watch all the NBA you want. However, there’s a big downside: NBA League Pass blacks out local teams. This means that Detroit-area residents won’t be able to watch the Pistons using this service. So, because of that downside, NBA League Pass is best for people who don’t live near their favorite teams.

There are 3 versions of this service:

NBA League Pass – $199.99 per season – full access to all teams (except local teams)

NBA Team Pass – $119.99 per season – full access to a single team you choose (local blackouts apply)

NBA Single Game Pass – $6.99 per season – full access to live streaming of a single game you choose (local blackouts apply)

So if you live locally, this is not a good way for you to watch the Detroit Pistons online. However, if you don’t live in Detroit, you’ll probably want to check this out.


Watch FREE NBA Games with Your Antenna

Believe it or not, there’s a safe, easy, legal way to watch NBA games for free. Yup, you read that right – free!

All you need to enjoy free NBA games is an HD antenna. If you already have one, all you need to do is tune in to ABC to enjoy a game or two for free every week. If you need one, the Mohu Leaf 50 is a good choice because it’s affordable, works well, and it’s an indoor antenna so you won’t have to climb up on your roof to install it.


A good HD antenna will pick up all over-the-air networks. This includes many local channels, plus national channels like Fox and ABC. Since ABC hosts games every week, you can watch these games live, for free. Check out the NBA on ABC schedule for the full lineup. This season, ABC will host 16 games total. Unfortunately, no Pistons games this season – but we still thought this was worth mentioning because it’s free and easy.

Using the ABC schedule, you can determine whether the broadcast times work with your schedule. If you can’t find the time to watch these games live, you could always use a DVR to record them. In our over-the-air DVR comparison guide you’ll learn all about DVR’s and the different features they offer. Any DVR will do, but if you use an advanced device like the Tablo HD DVR, you’ll enjoy useful advanced features like the ability to stream recordings onto other connected devices.


Watch the Detroit Pistons Online with NBA League Pass International (blackout-free!)

NBA League Pass International is a good choice for basketball fans living abroad. With it, you can enjoy all the benefits and features of the standard League Pass service we already described, plus benefit from NO BLACKOUTS! With the International version, you can keep up with all your favorite teams, blackout free, all season long. Here are a few useful links: Ireland, Australia, and UK.

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