Watch the Phoenix Suns Online: 2015-2016 Live Stream Guide

watch the phoenix suns onlineFans of the Phoenix Suns know that the 2015-2016 season hasn’t gone quite as planned so far, due in large part to injuries. But there’s still a lot of season left to be played, and the team is building toward next year.

Are you ready for the action? If cable viewing is no longer an option, you can always watch the Phoenix Suns online. Nowadays, watching live sports online is a lot easier than it used to be. Below, we will show you several affordable, easy, and legal ways to watch the Suns without cable.

Want to watch the Phoenix Suns online but not in the U.S.? Click here and view international live stream options.


Watch Phoenix Suns Live Streams with Sling TV

what is sling tv

When people first cancel their cable subscriptions, there are a few essential services that are usually first to be checked out. One of those services is Sling TV.

Sling TV is great for new cord cutters, because it actually provides a lot of the same content as cable does. Sling TV is similar to a basic cable subscription, offering 20+ popular TV channels to subscribers. The difference? Price, and flexibility. At $20 per month, Sling TV is a small fraction of the price of even the most basic cable TV package. And since Sling TV is no contract, you can cancel at any time – so there’s no long-term commitment like there is with cable. Plus, Sling TV carries FOX Sports Arizona, the official home to the Suns, in its Blue package of channels for just $25 a month.

Here is how it all works:

  • Sling TV works over the Internet, not cable. So, you can use it on many devices, including computers, mobile devices, and streaming players.
  • The basic package is $20 per month and no-contract
  • Includes access to popular channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, TBS, HGTV, Disney Channel, A&E, and more
  • Allows you to log in to the WatchESPN App, which you can use on mobile devices to view NBA games hosted on ABC.

For $20 per month, you can watch over 20 of the most popular TV channels live, whenever you feel like it, from wherever you are! As far as basketball coverage, Sling TV offers quite a bit. Since Sling TV lets you watch ESPN online and TNT streaming, you can watch all the games that air on these two networks.

This season, ESPN will host a total of 74 NBA games, including two Phoenix Suns games. Check the NBA on ESPN schedule for more details.

TNT will host 55 games this season, including three Suns games. You can also watch the NBA All Star Game online this way. Check out the NBA on TNT schedule for details.

You can also use the WatchESPN app (using your Sling TV login) to access ABC-hosted NBA games. ABC will host 16 games this season – no Suns games, unfortunately.

In addition to providing a good way to watch the Phoenix Suns online, Sling TV also offers a ton of other great content. There’s something for the whole family, including popular TV shows, music and movies – plus live sports on ESPN, ESPN 2, and TNT.

If you’re confident that you’d use Sling TV throughout the NBA season, you can pre-pay for 3 months of service and get a free Roku 2 or 50% off a Roku 3. This is a great deal, which will give you everything you need to watch live NBA games on your TV throughout the season.

If you’re not sure if Sling TV is right for you, you can try Sling TV for free for 7 days.


Watch Phoenix Suns Live Streams and Replays with NBA League Pass

nba league pass

Recently, the NBA began offering its own online streaming service in an attempt to win back some of the customers that were moving away from cable TV. They released NBA League Pass, and so far, it’s a hit! Here’s the rundown:

  • Use League Pass on your TV using a streaming player or gaming console, or on your computer or mobile device.
  • Use League Pass to watch LIVE streams of all regular season games
  • Miss a game? Catch a full replay on-demand, whenever you want
  • Watch on-demand replays of playoff games
  • Watch on-demand replays of classic NBA games from past years
  • Gain one-step access via social media

One important thing to note is that local teams are BLACKED OUT from local viewers. What that means is that fans living in the Phoenix Suns’ broadcasting market will not be able to watch live Suns games, but can still watch their replays after the game airs.

NBA League Pass offers a ton of content, but it’s not the cheapest option out there. It will run you $199.99 per season, which will still save you money over a cable subscription.

If you just want to watch the Phoenix Suns online, and don’t have any interest in seeing other teams play, you can subscribe to NBA Team Pass, a single-team version of the same service. Team Pass is $80 cheaper at $119.99 per season.

Just want to catch a game or two throughout the season? Starting this year, the NBA is selling single game passes for $6.99. An NBA Single Game Pass gives you access to live streaming of one single game of your choice.

*local blackouts apply to all versions of this service*


Watch Live NBA Games FREE with Your Antenna

ABC Network is an over-the-air network that will broadcast 16 NBA games this season. Since it broadcasts over the air, you can pick ABC up for free, using an antenna. If you don’t have an antenna, you can get a great one for around $70. We recommend the Mohu Leaf 50 because it works great. It’s also very easy to install and use, and since it’s an indoor antenna, you won’t have to climb up on your roof to install it!

You can take a look at the NBA on ABC schedule to see which games you can watch for free over the air. Unfortunately, there are no Suns games on ABC this season.

You can also find broadcast time information on the ABC schedule. If you find that your personal schedule isn’t compatible with the broadcast schedule, you can always record the games you want to watch on a DVR, then view them at your convenience. If you take a look at our DVR comparison guide, you’ll learn more about various models and find the one that fits your needs and budget. If you’d like more advanced features, like the ability to stream recordings onto other devices, you should consider the Tablo HD DVR.


Phoenix Suns Live Stream: TNT via Playstation Vue

Vue for Rockets live stream

If you reside in Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, or New York City, you might be interested in a new online streaming service known as Playstation Vue. This new service from Sony is currently only available in the cities listed above, but it should be expanding rapidly.

Playstation Vue has plans starting from $49.99 per month. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get access to 50-80+ popular TV channels. The selection is pretty good, although it’s lacking on the live sports front. The only channel that Vue offers that includes live basketball is TNT.

Because TNT broadcasts live NBA games every week (55 in total, including 3 Suns games), you can use Vue to watch all these games. That being said, you can also use Sling TV to watch the exact same games, plus more, for $20/month vs $50/month.

Right now, Sling TV is a better option for live basketball. We’re sure that Sony has big plans for Vue, so we will keep you posted on any developments in this new service’s offerings.


Watch Phoenix Suns Online with No Blackouts via NBA League Pass International

If you’re living outside of the United States, you qualify for NBA League Pass International. This service is almost the same as the domestic version – just better! Basically, the only difference is that, with the International version, there are no blackouts. You can use this service to watch Phoenix Suns live streams, plus keep up with all the other teams in the NBA, all season long – blackout free!

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