Watch the Golden State Warriors Online: 2016 Warriors Live Stream Guide

watch the golden state warriors online

The Warriors are having a record-breaking 2015-2016 season. Will they repeat? If you’re a fan, you want to watch the Warriors online so you don’t miss a minute of the action. The good news is there are more legal Warriors live stream options than ever. We’ll detail all of the available Warriors game live stream options below.

These days, more and more people are moving away from cable TV due to the rising costs. Sports fans have generally been hesitant to cancel cable because it’s more difficult to watch sports online than it is to watch movies and TV shows. However, today there are several ways to watch the Golden State Warriors online, legally and safely. Want to learn how? Read my detailed Warriors live stream guide below.

Don’t live in the U.S.? Find out about your options to watch the Golden State Warriors online here.


Watch Warriors Online with Sling TV

what is sling tv

If you’ve recently cancelled cable, the first service you should look into is Sling TV for watching the Warriors live stream. With Sling TV, you can enjoy a lot of the same great content that cable offers, without the sky-high monthly bill. And with the Dubs in the NBA Finals, that means you can use Sling TV to watch the Warriors game live stream throughout the entire series.

So, what is Sling TV exactly? Basically, it’s an online streaming service that works on your computer, mobile devices, and on your TV using a streaming player. It offers subscribers the ability to watch live TV, without the need for cable. While you won’t get hundreds of channels with Sling TV, you also won’t pay hundreds of dollars.

Right now, Sling TV’s basic package includes twenty of the most popular cable TV networks. So, instead of having hundreds of channels but only watching 5, you can just streamline your channel offerings and get only the most popular channels. You’ll enjoy cable networks like TNT, ESPN, A&E, Disney channel, TBS, and many more – all available for live viewing at any time, just like if you had cable.

So, if it’s so similar to cable, how is it better than cable? Two things: price and commitment. Sling TV is $20 per month, compared to $100+ for cable. Sling TV is no-contract, so you can cancel at any point in time – compared to a 12 month contract with cable TV. Starting to sound like a good option for a Warriors game live stream?

In terms of basketball coverage, Sling TV offers a lot. Since the channel selection includes an ESPN live stream and TNT live stream, you can watch all the NBA games and other great sports content that these networks broadcast. That includes a regular way to stream Warriors game since the team is frequently on these networks. ESPN offers the most, with several games every week throughout the regular season (see the NBA on ESPN schedule). TNT also offers games every week (check the NBA on TNT schedule). You can also watch an NBA All Star Game live stream on TNT this way. Also, Sling TV lets you watch NBA games hosted on ABC by using the WatchESPN app on your mobile devices. Check the NBA on ABC schedule to learn which games you can watch this way. And don’t forget, all of these channels offer playoffs coverage, so this is a great legal way to enjoy an NBA playoffs live stream.

Are you still on the fence? Well, you should know about a number of sweet promotions going on right now. When you sign up for 3 months of Sling TV (which would cost you only $60), you can get a completely free Roku 2. Or, if you prefer, you can go with the more full-featured Roku 3 player and get 50% off the top-rated Roku 3. And here’s another sweet promotion — T-Mobile customers can currently enjoy Sling TV’s Best of Live TV package at a 30% discount. You’ll get 20+ channels for just $14 — that’s less than $0.70 per channel! Learn more about this offer and whether you qualify for the discount here.

Finally, Sling TV also offers a risk-free, no commitment free 7-day trial of the full service. So give it a shot and watch the Golden State Warriors online.


Use NBA League Pass to Watch Golden State Warriors Live Stream and On-Demand Replays

nba league pass

While services like Sling TV offer a ton of content from various channels, including some NBA coverage, other services offer strictly NBA content. One such service is NBA League Pass, the official streaming offering from the NBA itself. It’s an options to watch Warriors game online, but it has drawbacks.

For dedicated fans of basketball looking for the most NBA coverage possible, nothing can compete with League Pass. Here’s what you’ll get with this service:

  • Live streaming of every regular season game (local blackouts apply)
  • Full replays available on-demand for regular season games
  • Full replays available on-demand for playoff games
  • Full replays available on-demand for classic NBA games from seasons past

NBA League Pass works on a variety of devices. The best way to watch it is to stream on your TV using a streaming device, such as a Roku, Apple TV, gaming console, etc. You can also watch on-the-go on your mobile devices, or at home on your computer.

Okay, before you get too excited, let’s talk about the downsides of this service. Here’s the big one: local teams are blacked out from live streaming. Because of cable broadcasting rights, NBA League Pass blacks out local teams from fans living in that team’s area. So, if you live in the Bay Area, you won’t be able to watch live streams of Warriors games – although you’ll still be able to catch replays on-demand.

The other downside is cost. While still more affordable than cable, NBA League Pass is not cheap. Starting this season, they’re offering a few different packages, detailed below.

NBA League Pass – $199.99 per season – full access to all NBA teams for live and on-demand streaming (local blackouts apply)

NBA Team Pass – $119.99 per season – full access to one (1) NBA team of your choosing for live and on-demand streaming (local blackouts apply)

NBA Single Game Pass – $6.99 per game – full access to one (1) NBA game of your choosing for live viewing (local blackouts apply)

Overall, this service provides a pretty good way to watch the Golden State Warriors online – provided you don’t live in the Bay Area. The Team Pass and Single Game Pass are useful if you want to save a few bucks, but the full League Pass offers the most content.


Watch Free NBA Games with Your Antenna

Is there anything better than watching live NBA games?

How about watching live NBA games, for free!

Using an HD antenna, you can actually watch up to 16 games this season, for no cost at all! An indoor antenna like the Mohu Leaf 50 can be set up in minutes, and will let you pick up all over-the-air networks for free.

ABC is a free OTA channel, which means you can always tune in to ABC using your antenna. This season, ABC is set to host 16 NBA games – check the NBA on ABC schedule for the details.

You can also record these games to watch them later, using a DVR (see our DVR comparison guide). That way, you can watch on your own schedule. For even more convenience, use the Tablo HD DVR and you can stream your recordings to connected devices – meaning you can watch the games you have recorded at home while you’re out and about, using your mobile device!


Watch Golden State Warriors Live Stream with Playstation Vue

Recently, Sony has been rolling out their own streaming service. Called Playstation Vue, this service gives subscribers access to several popular cable TV networks, without a cable subscription.

PS Vue includes TNT, which is significant for basketball fans because TNT hosts NBA games every week. This season, TNT will host a total of 11 Warriors games – all of which you can watch using PS Vue – making it a decent option for watching the Warriors online. Vue also now includes the ESPN networks, letting you stream Warriors games across multiple channels on Vue.

Plans start at $29.99 per month. Unfortunately, Vue is only available on Ps3/Ps4 game consoles, Fire TV, and Chromecast. It’s also on iOS mobile devices, but the service comes with severe mobile streaming restrictions, so you’ll have a hard time trying to stream Warriors games if you aren’t at home.

Given the higher price and limited availability, Sling TV is a much better choice at this point to watch Warriors game online. However, we have high hopes for Vue in the future, and we’ll keep you posted on any developments.


Watch Golden State Warriors Live Stream for Free with TNT Overtime

TNT Overtime is a free service from TNT that not many people know about. Basically, TNT Overtime hosts a number of featured NBA games each week, and makes them available online, for free. Games can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, and you can watch the action from several camera angles at once.

This season, 9 Warriors games will be featured on TNT Overtime – all of which can be watched for free!


Watch the Warriors Online with No Blackouts with NBA League Pass International

Are you an NBA fan living outside the USA? If so, NBA League Pass International may just be the perfect service for you. This service is very similar to the popular domestic version we’ve already talked about, except that it doesn’t black out local teams. So, you can use this service to keep up to date with all your favorite teams, with no blackouts! Here are a few countries’ links: Australia, Ireland and UK. This is a great way to stream a Warriors game abroad!

Get more information on how to watch the Golden State Warriors online, as well as other NBA teams, in my in-depth NBA live stream guide.