Watch The Librarians Online: Live Stream & On Demand Guide

watch the librarians online

Season two of The Librarians is premiering on November 1 on TNT, and fans everywhere cannot wait. If you’re not yet familiar with what this show brings to the table, it’s about a secret group known as The Librarians who are tasked with doing the impossible. They’re a task force of four personnel that solve mysteries outside of the realm of normal human possibility; recovering strange and powerful artifacts along the way and being on the forefront against supernatural threats to humanity. If that doesn’t sound like something you can get behind, you probably weren’t a Stargate fan!

As with every other show coming out these days, more and more people are turning to the online world in order to watch it Рdue to the ever rising costs of regular cable. Throughout this guide, we will be discussing a few of your available legal options, to watch The Librarians online, both live stream and on demand.


Watch The Librarians Live Stream or On Demand with Sling TV

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If you’re really looking for the best legal way to watch The Librarians online without cable, you’ll find none better than Sling TV. Using their live streaming service, you’ll be able to watch every episode as they air live, and you’ll also likely be able to gain access to it on demand (the on demand selection is always subject to change).

For just $20 a month, you’ll be able to live stream over 20 different channels that also hold a plethora of on demand content that’s easily accessed whenever you want! There’s no contract so you can cancel any time. The channel lineup includes TNT, home of The Librarians. That means you can tune in and watch The Librarians live stream on a range of devices with Sling TV.

You’ll also be able to watch Sling TV wherever you go with any one of their supported apps, including apps for those iPhone and Android devices, Xbox gaming consoles, computer, and even streaming players, like Roku, Fire TV, and Nexus Player. Sling TV is there for anyone looking to ditch an expensive cable provider without giving up the channels they love. Read our full Sling TV review for more info.

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Watch The Librarians Live Stream Using PlayStation Vue

Vue for Rockets live stream

Another legal way to catch live streaming episodes of the second season of The Librarians comes to us from PlayStation Vue — though it doesn’t come without its faults. Like Sling TV, Vue streams live channels over the internet. This is a brand new service, so like anything new they’re still testing the waters, so to speak. Unfortunately, Vue is only available to a handful of cities – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, and San Francisco. Even if you do live in one of these select cities, the service itself costs $49.99 a month, over twice the cost of Sling TV and only slightly cheaper than regular cable. Plus, you need a PS3 or PS4 to watch.


Watch The Librarians Online Next Day with Any of These Services

Another great legal way to watch this amazing show is through the use of digital purchasing. Using services like Amazon Instant, iTunes, or even Google Play, you can digitally purchase any of The Librarians episodes (or seasons for that matter) to play back whenever and wherever you are. Episodes are available the day after they air for streaming.

While this will give you the digital rights to full episodes of The Librarians, it’s not as cost effective as going with Sling TV would be, as season one episodes are $2.99 each for HD episodes and $19.99 for the season pass. This can get especially expensive if you’re trying to follow more than one show.


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