What is DirecTV Now? Review, Cost, Channels List, Free Trial Info, More

DirecTV Now is the new streaming service coming from AT&T. Slated to be released before the end of the year, not a whole lot is known about the service just yet. What we do know is that it offers another exciting choice for cord cutters beyond on-demand staples like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime or live streaming choices Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Thanks to removing the equipment and labor that comes with cable services, DirecTV Now is able to offer more competitive rates for people that have left cable.

Unfortunately, at this stage, a lot of information concerning DirecTV Now is under wraps. We know a few things, which is why we’re opening the dialogue with this DirecTV Now review, but some things we won’t know until they’ve finally gone live. Until then, this DirecTV Now review will fill you in on everything we know from the cost to the DirecTV Now channels list.


What is DirecTV Now?

While we don’t know a lot about DirecTV Now, we do know that it’s going to be a streaming service. It will focus on live channels and it will cater to cord cutters. As this is truly more of a cheaper alternative to cable or a cable replacement, the goal will be gaining that customer base that left cable because it was too expensive. So far, DirecTV execs has been fairly quiet about what to expect, though they are promising channels you can’t get elsewhere and a very competitive price rate.


What is the DirecTV Now Channels List?

The company says that you can expect “much of what is available” from DirecTV to be available with DirecTV Now. They are claiming to offer local channels, as well as a mix of premium channel add-ons, like HBO. They also say that it’s possible that there will be multiple packages available to ensure that there is a plan for everyone. It’s even been teased that DirecTV Now could have over 100 premium channels.

There are plenty of channels that we know will be made available. Those include: BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Food Network, HGTV, Logo, MTV, Nick at Nite, Nick Jr, Spike, TV Land, Travel Channel, and VH1. Deals are also in place with Discovery Networks, Disney, NBC Universal, and Turner Networks. HBO has also signed on, though you can bet that’s an extra fee.


How Much Will DirecTV Now Cost?

There has been no official word on how much the DirecTV Now cost will be when all is said and done. It has been said that the price points will be incredibly aggressive, but that’s the most anyone at AT&T has said. It’s been speculated that based on the proposed channel availability that the prices will fall around $50.


DirecTV Now Review: Any Special Features?

With everything so under wraps there haven’t been a lot of announcements where special features are concerned. We know that DirecTV Now will be available on various streaming and mobile devices, though which ones haven’t been announced. Cell phone and tablet use has been mentioned, so you can assume that Apple and Android apps will be available.

It’s been announced that multiple streams will be limited, which may affect people sharing their accounts within their family. It’s been mentioned that streams will be limited to two at a time. However, they may decide to change this plan as the service rolls out.

If you’re a AT&T mobile user, you won’t be charged for the data you’re using to watch DirecTV Now. Of course, critics and cell users of other companies may take issue with that as an unfair advantage. Still, it is one thing we know you can expect.


DirecTV Now Review: What Service Will Be the Best?

DirecTV Now is most comparable to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. It’s hard to say which service will end up being the best. Really the service that comes out on top often depends on personal preference. If you want more overall channels, DirecTV Now or PlayStation Vue will be the best option for you. Of course, PlayStation Vue has mobile restrictions that make mobile watching nearly impossible so that gives DirecTV Now an edge.


Will There be a DirecTV Now Free Trial?

While it’s likely that a trial offer will exist there is no word what that offer might be. Most streaming services offer anywhere from a week to a month free. So, you can assume DirecTV Now will offer something, as well. We just don’t know what the offer will be at this point.

DirecTV and AT&T will still be offering traditional cable services, as well. Of course, if you’re looking to save money, DirecTV Now might be the cable/streaming service you’ve been waiting for!



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  1. I couldn’t wait for Directv now. I put together my own servive. It consists an OTA Tv antenna hooked up to our old Comcast wiring (after we gave xFEEnity the boot) three Roku’s, two Chromecasts and an OTA Tivo Roamio w/ lifetime sub. Total cost $600. The savings after three years…$2500 and growing…Paul

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