What is Sling TV? Channels List, Review, Cost, Devices, Free Trial

what is Sling TV

Sling TV is changing the future of television. It’s a bold statement to be sure, but it’s one that’s true. Surrounded by an ever-growing selection of on-demand streaming services, Sling TV has separated itself from the pack thanks to its unique offering — a collection of popular live streaming channels previously only available to those with a cable contract.

What is Sling TV? Launched in early 2015 by Dish Network, Sling TV is a live streaming service that gives subscribers (sorry, US only) access to over 20 channels in its basic packages. These Sling TV channels include ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, AMC, and more, starting at just $20 a month with no contract. For more channels, there are also additional “skinny bundle” packages in various genres (e.g. sports, world news, etc.) that can be added on top of your basic subscription, typically for $5 a month (more on these below). You pay month-to-month, just like you do with Netflix and other streaming services, and you can cancel at anytime without penalty. There are no taxes or hidden fees, either.

T-Mobile customers, listen up.  Sling TV now has a special deal just for you — take 30% off the Best of Live TV package for up to 12 months (you’ll still be able to cancel service any time you wish without penalty). That works out to only $14 a month for a great collection of popular channels when you sign up with your T-Mobile account. And with T-Mobile’s Binge On plan, you can stream Sling TV without it counting against your data plan. If you’re already a T-Mobile customer, learn more about this special deal and start a free 7-day trial.

This makes Sling TV the perfect cable TV alternative for both those looking to cut the cord and those who have never even had cable.


What Features Does Sling TV Offer?

The thing that makes the service so special is the live streaming of Sling TV channels. While services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video have gained popularity with their vast libraries of on-demand content, the cord cutting experience has sorely lacked options for those who just want to sit back on the couch and do some channel surfing. More notably, there haven’t been many good, legal, and affordable options for streaming live sports in the US until now. Sling TV fills these gaps and more beautifully.

But while live TV is Sling’s major calling card, the streaming service offers a whole lot of other great features that make this service remarkable.

  • 3-Day Replay–Some Sling TV channels offer an innovative feature called “3-Day Replay.” This lets you scroll back and watch any TV show that has aired on that channel over the last three days. It’s a really cool feature, but not all channels allow you to do this.
  • Pause, Rewind, and Fast-Forward–While it does not support DVR functionality, some Sling TV channels do allow you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV, giving you a DVR-like experience.
  • On-Demand Content–Many of the channels on Sling TV offer a good amount of on-demand shows and movies. Most notably, HBO, available as an add-on channel, offers the same on-demand library available to HBO Go and HBO Now subscribers, letting you watch just about every episode of nearly every show HBO has ever aired. Perhaps it’s not surprising that Sling CEO Roger Lynch recently said that the majority of their subscribers are watching on-demand content.
  • Watch Anywhere–Sling TV lets you stream live TV just about anywhere you go. Watch Sling TV channels on your phone, tablet, PC, or TV, anywhere in the US. To watch Sling TV on your television, you’ll need to connect a streaming player, like a Roku 3 or Roku 2. Sling TV is currently running a special on both streaming players, offering 50% off the Roku 3 or a free Roku 2 when you sign up for three months of service.


Which Devices Can Play Sling TV?

Sling TV devices

What is Sling TV available on? You can watch Sling TV channels on your TV, phone (iOS and Android), tablet (iOS and Android), or computer (PC and Mac). As mentioned above, watching on your television requires the use of a streaming media player. Currently, Sling TV can be played on the following streaming players: All Roku players and the Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, and Google Nexus Player. And most recently, Sling TV announced they are available on Chromecast!

Don’t have a streaming player? You’re in luck. Sling TV actually offers special deals on the streaming devices it’s compatible with. When you prepay for three months of service, you can take advantage of one of the following deals:

If you’re thinking about getting in on one of these limited-time deals, I suggest getting the Roku 3. It’s the best streaming player on the market right now (just ask CNET), and from my experience, it handles Sling TV better than any other device. I love the Roku’s remote, which has a headphone jack for private listening and voice search capabilities. You can even control your Roku from your phone if you download the Roku remote app. This is especially handy when you need to type for search and other functions. The Roku user interface is also incredibly simple and very fast.

Click here to learn more about Sling TV’s Roku 3 limited-time deal.


What Sling TV Channels are Offered?

sling tv channels

Now that you know the answer to “What is Sling TV?,” let’s talk about what channels you can get with the streaming service. Sling TV offers a few different kinds of packages — its basic “Best of Live TV” package that all subscribers get (aside from those who just want international channels), genre-specific add-on packs (these can be added on to the “Best of Live TV” package, usually for $5 each), and international foreign-language packages.

While the selection of Sling TV channels is always growing and evolving, here are their current offerings:

*Note–Sign up for a free 7-day trial and you can test out any packages you wish.

Best of Live TV ($20/month)–Watch ESPN online, ESPN2, AMC, A&E, TNT, HISTORY, Viceland (formerly H2), TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, IFC, El Rey, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Freeform (formerly ABC Family), Disney Channel, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Lifetime, Polaris+, Maker, Newsy, Flama, and Galavisión. Subscribers also get access to the WatchESPN app, including ESPN3 and an array of live and on-demand content. truTV (normally part of the Lifestyle Extra lineup) will be added to the Best of Live TV package during the NCAA tournament to help you watch March Madness online.

Multi-Stream Beta ($20/month, can be chosen in place of Best of Live TV if you prefer)–FS1 live stream, regional FOX Sports networks (depending on location), FOX (select markets), FX, CNN, HGTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, History Channel, TNT, TBS, IFC, A&E, El Rey, Viceland, Lifetime, Travel, truTV, Newsy, Bloomberg, Local Now, National Geographic, Polaris, Maker, Flama, Galavision, Univision.

HBO ($15 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Live HBO streaming and access to HBO’s full on-demand library (similar to HBO GO and HBO NOW). HBO subscribers also get up to three simultaneous streams of HBO, in addition to your single-stream that comes with Sling TV’s core and add-on packages. HBO can also be added on to Sling Latino or Sling International packages.

Sports Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–SEC Network, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, Univision Deportes, beIN Sports, Outside Television, and college sports live cut-in and highlights networks (gametime-only) ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded and ESPN Goal Line. And most recently, Sling TV added the Campus Insiders Network.

Cinemax ($10 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Get a true Cinemark live stream plus access to the network’s full on-demand library of content.

Broadcast Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Sling TV has recently added local broadcast channels in select markets. Currently, the Broadcast Extra package includes local affiliates for ABC, Univision, and UniMas in the following metro areas: Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco.

Hollywood Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Turner Classic Movies (TCM), EPIX, EPIX2, EPIX3, EPIX Drive-In, and SundanceTV.

Kids Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Disney Junior, Disney XD, Boomerang, Baby TV, and Duck TV.

Lifestyle Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)truTV, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, WE tv, FYI and LMN.

World News Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–HLN, Fusion, Euro News, France 24, NDTV 24/7, News 18 India, and Russia Today.

Best of Spanish TV ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Univision, UniMas, Univision Deportes, beIN Sports en Espanol, beIN Sports HD (English), ESPN Deportes, Azteca, Cine Latino, De Pelicula, Clasico, Cine Sony Television, Pasiones, Univision, tnovelas, AZ Corazon.

Deportes Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–ESPN Deportes, Azteca, beIN Sports en Español, beIN Sports HD (English), Univision, Univision Deportes, and UniMás.

Películas & Novelas Extra ($5 per month with Best of Live TV subscription)–Az Corazón, Cinelatino, De Película, De Película Clásico, Pasiones, Univision tlnovelas, Univision, and UniMás.

Sling TV also offers its Sling Latino service, which includes a number of different Spanish-language packages and channels. Click here to learn more about the channels available in the Latino service.

Finally, Sling TV offers a number of international, foreign-language packages. Sling TV offers a special 30-day free trial on all international packages. You can learn more about all of the following package by visiting the Sling International website: Arabic, Bangla, Bengali, Brazilian, Cantonese, Filipino, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Mandarin, Marathi,  Punjabi, Taiwanese, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese.


How Much Does Sling TV Cost?

Sling TV starts at just $20 per month. That gets you over 20 Sling TV channels in their “Best of Live TV” package, including ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, TBS, TNT, CNN, and more. Most of the genre add-on packages are just $5 each, as detailed above.

While Sling TV’s price is downright cheap, what really makes the streaming service a game-changer is there’s no contract. You pay month-to-month, just like you would with Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming package. You’ll never be locked into an expensive cable contract again. It’s TV on your terms.


Can I Try Sling TV Free?

Yes, Sling TV currently offers a free 7-day trial on all domestic packages. You can try as many packages as you want during your 7-day trial, giving you a real chance to test out the streaming service to see if it’s right for you. Click here to sign up for your free 7-day trial.

Additionally, Sling International (the brand for all foreign-language packages) offers new subscribers a 30-day free trial. Click here to sign up for a 30-day free trial to Sling International.


How Can I Learn More about Sling TV?

For more information on Sling TV, click here to visit their website. Or if you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll help!




Sling TV

Sling TV

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    • - On-demand Options for Some Channels Limited
    • - Newer Service, Some Issues During High Demand Events

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    1. I just cut the cord today from cable and it feels amazing… I did purchase a roku3, sling TV $20 package, and Netflix. It works amazing to tell the cable company good bye. Savings per month including high speed internet- $201…. Haha goodbye cable and hello more money in my pocket… And the TV content we watch… Now I’m hunting for a good antenna for football. Thanks for the advice!!

      • If your looking for a good antenna:
        … … … … … ..
        I’ve been struggling to meet Grandmama’s demand for “all of the same channels she’s used to getting-and that “SHE GOT” with the old tv”.
        Tonight, after purchasing a “Terk 360 omni-directionional hdtv antenna at best buy ($55)

        The free tv has not missed a beat. Where as before, the picture periodically received a weak signal which in turn was (too frequently)- extremely annoying.

    2. Carole Rucinski | September 5, 2015 at 8:24 pm | Reply

      We do not have cable TV. How can we use your service to watch college footballl and events like presidential debates and world news … and what is the cost, and what equipment do we need? Thank you.

    3. Are you able to watch local news ? How about ABC, NBC and CBS?

    4. Hello. Am I able to try the 7 day free trial offer and then take the 50% off Roku 3 with 3 months prepaid subscription?

    5. Do any providers offer MSNBC? Thanks for the info!

    6. I am close Dee needs her Fox and friends are you able to watch that if not can that be steamed
      ? Kelly

    7. Will Sling TV be supporting BRAVO soon? If not, what’s best way to stream current BRAVO shows?

    8. I just wanted to know, if I drop cable, and keep the Internet is that how it works? I want to get rid of cable.

    9. Is it likely to anticipate more channels to be available in the near future? Like Hallmark channel? That would add many users to SlingTV for sure!

    10. This is my first step toward getting rid of cable television and the info is really helpful, but I have an really old TV,will I have to get a new TV? Thank you!!

    11. We currently have basic cable TV because the reception is very poor without, even with the best antenna. I assume we would need to keep cable TV to watch major stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. Can we sign up for a Sling TV simultaneously since it seems like a better deal than a cable package that includes ESPN?

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    15. What about MLB, is that available?

    16. We have satellite to get the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. These channels are also available on Roku, but only a few shows are streamable on each channel (one of them has only two shows). Does Sling offer more shows or is it the same as Roku?

    17. Michael Rhoden | January 26, 2016 at 10:25 am | Reply

      When SlingTV adds NBCSN and Fox News, I’m sold. The only thing I worry about is we live in an area where we are forgotten by cable companies and others. All we have is a 6MB DSL connection that use constantly for gaming and netflx, etc. We are a home school family so we have to have the internet for school related issues also. We use DirecTV at the moment for TV and ATT for DSL. So….our connection works for everything else, but I am a little afraid of depending on it strictly for television.

    18. Barbara Clifford | January 28, 2016 at 11:32 am | Reply

      I’m in Chicago using a Roku Stick w/ATT wifi. (up to 12Mbps. i think it’s call MAX?). flawless here. really good reception. I’m using a ViewSonic TV. I’m giving the details because I believe it’s all about the signal strength and location you are at and all parts combined. I’m SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY TO BE RID OF CABLE!!! SlingTV has been great for me!

    19. I want MSNBC for the election coverage and ABC for news and Good Morning America. As soon as thsi available, I’m in. Can I watch Sling TV on my computer? I would rather not have a TV if I can avoid it.
      Thanks in advance for the info!

    20. Angel Castillo | February 1, 2016 at 12:52 pm | Reply

      Sling is a great alternative, but they really need to resolve a few things soon:

      1) Add a multi stream pay option like Netflix.

      2) DishWorld/Sling App for Samsung: I started the Sling service watching Sling TV using the DishWorld application on my new Samsung TV’s, but for some reason Samsung and Dish are at odds because this ceased to function last May and neither Samsung nor Dish are trying to resolve. I was forced to move to a Roku device which defeats the purpose of buying a Smart TV. My TV’s are over fireplaces, so I don’t want extra devices hanging from the TV. I moved to Smart TV’s to reduce the device clutter. I guess if this doesn’t get resolved soon I will move to Direct TV since the Samsung TV’s have the built in RVU software to view Direct TV without a box including any recorded shows. I prefer to stick to Sling, so hopefully this disabled Dishworld application issue will be resolved soon. It’s been disabled for 8 months now, which is plenty of time to fix the application.

      • Dishworld was rebranded as Sling TV. I’m assuming this happened during that process. In general, I don’t recommend Smart TVs because they aren’t very flexible as far as allowing you to add apps. You could try a Roku streaming stick, which would plug into your HDMI outlet and be virtually invisible. You could also potentially try and attach your Roku to the back of your TV so it will be out of sight. The Roku does not have to be in line of sight with the remote, as it works off WiFi.


    22. Do you think Sling TV will eventually make it to where you can stream on multiple devices at the same time?

    23. Bill Westermeyer | February 13, 2016 at 10:54 am | Reply

      I am interested in Sling TV. How much data does sling use per 30 minute show? I would be viewing tv on my iPhone or iPad only either through a wifi or hotspot.

    24. I have a Roku1 can I get Sling TV on it? Will they be getting the Discovery Channel??

    25. Can you watch sling on multiple tvs in your house on the same account?

    26. Do you know if you can use your Sling TV credentials to log into other apps that require you to verify your cable subscription? As an example, Roku has a pretty solid History Channel app that requires you to verify that you have the History Channel as part of a current cable/satellite subscription. Would I be able to verify this with my Sling TV login credentials?

    27. How do I cancel my Sling TV subscription? I don’t watch it at all & it’s still charging my card :(

    28. Does the sling system require wi-fi or internet connection?

    29. What DSL speed (10mbs, 20mbs) is necessary to get a steady Sling TV picture that does not cut out for caching.

    30. Is FX channel available on Sling? I didn’t see it but maybe it’s buried in one of the pkgs.

    31. I think the Amazon Fire sounds good,how much data will this use for watching TV ? I have about 3 or 4 months left on my Directv agreement and they will be gone.I’m sick and tired of these people raising the monthly fee when ever they feel like it and then dare you to do anything about.I currently have Verizon Broadband for my lap top,would I be able to use it and about how much data would it use for TV viewing ?I currently have a 6gig plan.

    32. OK I’m confused if you have 2 roku,s can a person be watching sling TV in one room and the other watching Amazon in the other room ?

    33. can you also have all hindi channels those are hd? please inform me of this package.I am interested.

    34. Barclays Premier League viewers beware. The Extra Sports package does NOT include Universal Sports (NBC) as shown in the article. This must be a mistake as I read major TV conglomerates ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX refuse to sign contracts with SlingTV. Otherwise, this is a very good service.

      • Jay, thanks for the comment. Sling TV did used to carry Universal Sports, but it looks like NBC recently took that channel off the air across the board. It doesn’t exist anymore as of late 2015. Also, Sling TV does carry ABC in its Broadcast Extra package in select markets.

    35. I have two TV’s with one having an Xbox One and the other having a Amazon Fire Stick. Do i need two Sling TV Subscriptions to have simultaneous sling TV streaming? So theoretically i would be paying $40/Month for the base Sling TV package? Is there a cheaper way to have simultaneous sling TV streaming in a house with 2 TV’s

      • As of right now, you can only device at a time. However, I will say that in my house it’s rarely an issue, as we subscribe to Amazon Prime (as well as other streaming services from time to time) so there are plenty of programming options.

    36. Hi,

      I have ROKU2. I am interested in subscribing Sling TV. I need to know what are the indian hindi channels it streams ?

    37. I wish they included PBS proramming.

    38. I’m new to all of this & am learning. I am joining Sling Tv this weekend after my ATT wifi is installed. What is Roku? Thank you in advance.

    39. Bruce Reppucci | April 8, 2016 at 10:32 am | Reply

      I currently have Direct TV and Verizon DSL, my plan is to upgrade my internet to xfinity @ 75GB, add Amazon Fire to each TV and then add Sling TV, does this plan make sense? I’ve purchased my own router and modem already waiting for xfinity to install the upgraded internet.

    40. What if you cancel the service then X amount of months later you decide to start back up. Does it cost a fee to restart?

    41. If you want to watch sling on more than one tv, you can purchase another subscription for $20 per month. Still cheaper than cable

    42. Does Sling work with an Apple TV?

    43. Is it possible to record shows with Sling? Can ESPN be frozen and restarted during a game?

    44. I have a roku 3. Im in canada. How can i get mexican chanels?

    45. Does sling tv provide the Hallmark and Lifetime channels?

    46. William Kelley | April 19, 2016 at 3:16 am | Reply

      Is there any way Sling TV can be used with a Tablo to record TV in the same way you can record from an antenna?

    47. Antonio Cerra | April 24, 2016 at 12:16 pm | Reply

      With sling tv; will I be able to watch the 2016 season of NFL games?

    48. Edison V. Onate | April 25, 2016 at 1:50 pm | Reply

      will the Chicago Blackhawks be on Sling. Tonight, Monday April 25th 2016?

    49. Is CSN or NBCSN available?

    50. Lezley Rocha | April 27, 2016 at 3:35 pm | Reply

      I can not seem to understand. Do I have to purchase and subscribe to a Roku 3 and antenna device for every television I own? I also have renters next door, I carry the satellite subscription for the property, will I have to purchase for them as well?

      • Marilyn Greig | May 19, 2016 at 6:14 pm | Reply

        For yourself: You will need to purchase a Roku 2, 3, 4 or Roku Stick for each television. If any of your televisions don’t have HDMI ports (pre-2006), make sure to purchase an older Roku 2 that has composite (red/white/yellow cable) hookups with built-in WiFi for those older sets. I have a Roku 2 with composite connection that I purchased in 2013 that still works great. You will also need at least one antenna, which can be either indoor or outdoor and subscribe to broadband internet. There are ways to connect one antenna to multiple television sets. You will need to install and try out the antenna on one television to determine which type of antenna you need (one direction, omnidirectional, and/or amplified) depending on where the closest towers are located. Make sure you can return the antenna to the store if it doesn’t perform to your satisfaction. I highly recommend the MOHU brand. Check antenna.org or tvfool.com to find out which stations broadcast OTA (free over-the-air) in your area and where they are located. If they are close together, one direction will suffice. If they are far apart, then you will need an omnidirectional antenna. If the stations are over 30 miles from your home, you might need an amplified antenna. (If you can’t get good OTA reception in your area, then I would suggest dropping the antenna and subscribing to HULU and Sling TV instead.) Sling has a new multi-streaming service for 3 devices at the same time. You could add a TIVO OTA DVR for your own home ($13-$15 monthly subscription). Once you have your antenna(s) set up, your renters can buy their own Roku(s) (Best Buy or Amazon) and sign up online and pay for their own subscriptions to Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, etc. If your renters are located in a separate structure, you probably need to buy a separate outdoor antenna for them (or have them buy their own indoor antenna). Good luck.

    51. Antonio Cipolla | April 30, 2016 at 11:11 pm | Reply

      How do I modify a package? For example, I have the basic package but am contemplating adding HBO. I do not have the ability to add via my TV. Thank you.

    52. Can I watch my Local channels on sling?

    53. What is the difference between the 20 channel package and the 30 channel “beta” package besides possible programming differences. Will both work with the Roku streaming device?

    54. I have a new Insigna HDTV with built-in Roku. The Sling TV app is already loaded. Do I stil need a standalone Roku 3 player?

    55. Does Sling tv have NBC and NBCSN? I hope so because there are so many great streaming services, but none of them offer services for streaming NHL hockey and I’m a Devils fan. Plus I’m so hyped for the Olympics in Rio this year. How am I suppose to watch the ceremonies and the games?

    56. We dumped Comcast. Started out first year around $118. Next year was paying around $280 a month and tried to get a different package and they sent me more boxes and a DVR and started charging for this. Closed account and bought an Antenna. I only get about 19 channels but get all local and CW. Love it. But how does Sling work? Do we have to have internet? It was part of the package we dumped. But I have saved $1400. Dollars in just a half a year now………LOVE IT!!

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