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Who is Mr. Cable Cutter?

mr. cable cutterYou know who John Cena is to the wrestling crowd? The guy who puts smiles on people’s faces and gives his life to the business. The guy who goes out there day-in-and-day-out to do what he loves for the fans?

That’s exactly who Mr. Cable Cutter is to cord cutting (minus the big muscles and jorts). The most recognizable name in the industry, Mr. Cable Cutter does whatever he can to champion the cable cutting movement and leave smiles on people’s faces when they’re saving hundreds of dollars a year. 


No, But Really, Who is Mr. Cable Cutter?!

chris headshot (2)Oh, you’re speaking literally. Okay, let’s pull back the curtain. Mr. Cable Cutter is Chris Brantner, a cord cutting native Houstonian. In just over a year, he’s skyrocketed to the top of the cord cutting industry, becoming the go-to expert in the niche for a variety of publications.

You might recognize his name from articles in USA Today, Fortune, Time, or many other major publications. Chris is also a contributor for Motherboard (VICE), DSL Reports, Chron.com, and other well-known tech sites.


Why Doesn’t Mr. Cable Cutter Like Cable?

Cable TV Price Increases vs. InflationUm, where should we start? Did you know that over the last decade, the average cable bill continues to rise at 4 times the rate of inflation? Did you know that cable companies stuff those bills full of hidden fees? And did you know that they’re trying to punish cord cutters by hitting them with data caps to try and get their money back?

Yeah. Now you know.


Can Mr. Cable Cutter Help Me Get Rid of Cable?

cut cableHell yes, he can.

He recommends you get started with his simple step-by-step guide here. That will give you a setup that works best for the average cord cutter. From there, make sure to check out the FAQ at the bottom and dig deeper into the site.

And if you’re like many wary cable subscribers, you’re probably scared you’re going to miss out on live sports. Luckily, there are new options for live sports online coming out all the time. You can help squelch those fears with his sports guide


I Need To Talk to Mr. Cable Cutter. Can I?

Sure. Just use the form below to send him an email. But keep in mind, he gets lots of emails. LOTS OF EMAILS. So you’ve gotta be patient. He’ll get around to them all.

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