How to Watch A&E Live Stream Online without Cable

Arts and Entertainment, or A&E, was a staple on early cable. Like all cable networks, their programming has evolved significantly over the years, and now it is the go to network for reality entertainment and scripted drama alike. Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, The First 48, and Intervention remain hugely popular with viewers, and scripted dramas like Bates Motel are really gaining the basic cable channel serious buzz. It’s now easy to watch A&E online, and we’ll show you how.

If you want to watch A&E and all of its hit programming but you don’t have cable, there’s no need to worry. Today, there are some great ways you can watch A&E online without cable. Read on to learn how you can legally watch an A&E live stream.


DIRECTV NOW Offers A&E Streaming Live

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If you’re a new cord cutter, you’ll find DIRECTV NOW offers a similar look and feel to cable, which makes the switch easier for some people. The guide is simple to use and makes switching channels a breeze. Unlike actual DIRECTV, this is a streaming service. There is no need for a satellite, and no actual cable contract. In fact, with DIRECTV NOW you can cancel any time you want.

In addition to A&E, DIRECTV NOW offers packages with over 100 channels in them. Prices vary based on the package you choose, but currently you can get the $60, Go Big package for just $35 a month. And, if you sign up while the introductory pricing is valid, they won’t raise the price on you unless you cancel. Once the introductory prices have ended the packages will range somewhere between $35 and $70 based on the package you choose.

If you’re curious about DIRECTV NOW we suggest signing up for the free 7-day trial. DIRECTV NOW is available on many streaming devices including Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. You can learn more in our full review and don’t forget to sign up for your free trial!


Sling TV Offers High Quality A&E Live Stream

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Earlier this year, A&E was added to the Sling TV lineup of networks. What is Sling TV? It’s a live streaming service from Dish Network that lets you watch popular pay TV channels on a range of devices without cable TV. The basic package gives you over 25 channels delivered over your high-speed internet connection, allowing you to watch IFC on Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, smart TVs, computers and more.

A&E streams live on Sling TV, and there’s an on-demand library of A&E content that’s always being refreshed. It is important to note that a small amount of A&E’s content is blacked out on Sling TV due to licensing rights. However, this is primarily concerning shows that are re-aired from other networks, like CBS original series.

Sling TV (review) offers so much more than just A&E. If you’re looking to completely replace cable in your household, it is one of the best services available. You’ll have access to sports through ESPN, and live tv from HGTV, AMC, The History Channel, Food Network, and more. Sling TV starts with a basic package at just $20 a month. There’s no contract. Simply pay month to month and cancel any time.

Click here to start a 7-day free trial to see if Sling TV is right for you.

T-Mobile customers can now watch A&E and other channels in the basic packages lineup for only $14/month. For one whole year, T-Mobile customers can get this deal — a 30% discount off of the regular price — by signing up for a new Sling TV subscription through their T-Mobile account. As a T-Mobile customer, you won’t even need to worry about data overages because video doesn’t count towards your monthly data usage! To try it out, sign up for the free 7-day trial.


Which A&E Shows Can You Watch on Sling TV?

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With Sling TV, you get a legal A&E live stream. That means you can watch just about everything the channel offers as it airs live (minus some blacked out syndicated content). Additionally, Sling TV offers a rotating selection of on-demand content for A&E, giving you a good way to catch up on shows you might have missed live.

The channel has eclectic offerings including the demonic Damien, the popular but controversial Duck Dynasty and an expose on the recent Bill Cosby charges. The network also has several fluffier reality show offerings like The Wahlburgers and Donnie Loves Jennie both featuring former New Kid On the Block Donnie Wahlberg.

Intervention has been a staple on the network practically since its inception. Viewers get an inside look at the lives of addicts and their families.


Other Legal Ways to Watch A&E Online without Cable

The A&E website offers a very limited amount of content that can be watched online without a cable TV login, but you won’t see much this way. Many of their most popular shows are also available on Hulu on demand. While Hulu doesn’t offer any live streaming it is a good on-demand service for many of your favorite A&E shows. You can also find some old hits, like Intervention, on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and other on-demand streaming services.


Which Devices Can You Watch A&E Live Stream On?

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With Sling TV, you can watch A&E on Roku (get a free Roku 2 if you sign up for 3 months), Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Xbox One on your own television with the right players. The service is also available on iOS and Android devices as well as directly on your PC. This gives you a number of options to watch A&E online.


Have any questions about how you can stream A&E legally without cable? Comment below and we’ll help you out. Also, head over to our watch TV online guide to find ways to watch ALL your favorite shows and networks online.

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