Can You Buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick at Walmart?


Amazon Fire TV sticks are a great option for a lot of new streamers. They work perfect if you’re more of an Android user over Apple. If that’s your preference, you will probably prefer the Amazon Fire TV over the Apple TV. If you want a smaller solution, you might find that the Amazon Fire TV stick is more suited to your needs.

These great little HDMI sticks can plug right in to any TV with a HDMI port, and you’ll be ready to watch TV in minutes. You don’t need much skill to set these up, and while the Amazon Fire TV boxes can vary in price, the least expensive of all of them is the Amazon Fire TV stick. If you’re looking to buy one, you might want to know if you can buy an Amazon Fire TV stick at Walmart or another popular retailer.


Amazon Fire Stick: Walmart and Other Retailers

Previously, you could buy the Amazon Fire TV stick at Walmart. These days, you won’t be able to buy the Fire Stick at Walmart. The good news is that while the Fire Stick isn’t available at Walmart, there are many other places that you can buy them! As for the Fire Stick, Walmart stopped selling them recently, so it’s possible that depending on your location they still might have one in stock. They won’t be ordering new stock though, so once the Fire sticks are gone, they will not be ordering new ones for the shelves. If you want an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Walmart isn’t the place to go.

If you’re curious about why you can’t buy an Amazon Fire TV stick at Walmart, it’s because of back orders. Apparently, Walmart was having a hard time keeping them on the shelves. So, rather than having them on constant back order the Amazon Fire TV stick, Walmart relationship has ended.

Where Can I Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If you’re not an Amazon shopper that rules that out. We’ve already discussed the Amazon Fire TV stick, Walmart issues. So, you should consider DIRECTV NOW. I know, you’re thinking they are a streaming service and they are! Still, if you’re a new customer and you’re willing to prepay for a month of your DIRECTV NOW membership, you’ll be rewarded with an Amazon Fire TV stick.

The basic membership is $35/month. If you’re new to DIRECTV NOW, you’ll also get a free one-week trial. Once the trial ends, the one-month prepayment kicks in, and you get your free Amazon Fire TV stick. They also offer another deal with an Amazon Fire TV box. You can see the details below.


Do you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick? Where’d you buy it? Feel free to let us know where you found yours in the comments!

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