15 Essential Apple TV Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market. With an iOS backing and plenty of apps to keep you entertained, almost anyone can use an Apple TV. That said, there are plenty of Apple TV tricks and tips that will make using your Apple TV so much easier. If you’re wondering how to skip forward, change your volume, or even sign in with multiple apps using one sign-in, these Apple TV tricks are just for you!

Apple TV Tricks #1 – Siri Works with Apps!

It can be daunting to go through all your apps looking for a specific movie or TV show, but now it’s a whole lot easier. Instead of searching yourself, use Siri on the home screen and ask her about what you want to watch. Siri will check several apps to find what you’re looking for. You can also use Siri in the specific apps and she’ll show the specifics available within the app. There are a variety of commands available with your Siri remote that make watching Apple TV so much easier!


Apple TV Tricks #2 – Fix your Audio

Apple TV Audio

If you’re playing a video and you want to fix your audio options, just swipe down on the trackpad and you’ll be presented with audio options. One of my favorite options here is the chance to reduce loud sounds. This is great when you’re watching action films that have explosions or loud music out of nowhere. You can also turn on or off subtitles, assuming the app you’re using supports them.


Apple TV Tricks #3 – Pick your Screensaver

Apple TV Screensaver

If you’re into personalization, this is one of the best Apple TV tips. You can use your photos as your screensaver if you want something other than the aerial photos that are preloaded, but not very customizable. Just open your Photos app and choose the album that you prefer. You can use this as the screensaver carousel. All you’ll need to do is tap the screensaver option and that will set the album you choose as your screensaver. You can also change screensavers by going into your settings, picking general and then screensaver, and choosing your screensaver type.


Apple TV Tricks #4 – Apple Music Subscriber? Make some Playlists!

Apple Music

If you’re a subscriber of Apple Music, you can use your Apple TV to make and play your Apple Music playlists. You can add playlists you’ve already made or you can add new ones using Apple TV. Just start by picking the song you’re ready to play by touching the touchpad and tapping the More option. You’ll find this at the top of the Now Playing screen. From there you can tap the Add to Playlist option and pick the playlist you want to add the song to, much like you would on the computer. You can also select “new” to make a new playlist. iCloud should then sync your playlist so that it goes to all applicable devices.


Apple TV Tricks #5 – A Quick Way to Close Apps

Apple TV Screen

Apple TV works a bit like your iPhone in how it keeps your apps open and allows you to close them. If you double-tap your TV button on your remote, you will have a screen brought up that shows all of the open apps. To close them just swipe up using your touchpad remote.


Apple TV Tricks #6 – Delete the Apps you don’t want

Deleting apps is really as easy as installing them. If you find an app that you’re through with, just highlight it, press down on the touch pad of your Siri remote. Don’t stop touching down until you notice the apps jiggle. You’ll notice that this looks the same as when you’re deleting something off a phone or tablet. Once they are jiggling, press the play button on the remote and then tap the delete option. Keep in mind though, anything that was automatically on your Apple TV when you got it won’t be able to be deleted.


Apple TV Tricks #7 – Redecorate your Home Screen

apple tv home screen

If you want to move apps around without deleting them, you can do that to. The steps are actually quite similar to deleting apps. Again, you want the apps to jiggle, so you’ll highlight the app and press down on the touchpad. Next, use your touchpad to move side to side or up and down, to move the app where you want it.


Apple TV Tricks #8 – Add Multiple Apple IDs to one Apple TV

If you have more than one person using the same Apple TV, you have the freedom to add multiple Apple IDs so that all of those people have access to their media. To add new IDs, just go to your settings, click accounts, and go to iTunes and App Store. You can add the new ID here. From there, you can switch accounts in the same area.


Apple TV Tricks #9 – Skip Ahead or Go Back

If you’re watching something and you want to skip forward a bit or move backwards, fast-forward and rewind can be a pain. It’s not so much that it’s a pain, but it’s that it can be hard to get to the exact spot you want. So, instead of fast-forward or rewind, if you’re trying to move just a bit ahead or behind you can press the right portion of your touchpad once to move 10 seconds ahead or press left to go back 10 seconds.


Apple TV Tricks #10 – Activate Disability Features – VoiceOver

If you have low vision you can have Siri navigate for you. Voice Navigation is turned on through Settings, general, accessibility, and finally VoiceOver. Once it’s on, you can highlight text using your touchpad and the text will be read to you. If you want to pause VoiceOver just tap the touchpad with two fingers. Tap it twice with two fingers and it will turn back on.


Apple TV Tricks #11 – Use Voice Dictation to Add your Login Details

Apple TV Voice

You know you can use Siri to find apps, well now you can use voice dictation to sign into apps. When you need to put in your details, you’ll notice that a keyboard pops up so that you can get your details on screen. When that happens just press the microphone and spell out your user name and password in the appropriate boxes. You can say “clear” to erase all of the text and if you have a capital letter you can tell it “uppercase” before giving it that specific letter. You’ll see it’s a lot faster than all of that typing!


Apple TV Tricks #12 – View Live Channels

Live Tune In

In the U.S., Apple has a feature called Live Tune-In. This lets you find the live content in apps that offer live content. Some apps where live content is available includes FX Now, CNS, and ESPN. To get it to work, hit the microphone button while in the apps and say, “Watch name of app live.”


Apple TV Tricks #13 – Prioritize your Apps to get Previews

Everyone knows that the apps on the top row of any app list, should be the ones that you watch the most. This is especially true with Apple TV, as the top-row apps are able to offer previews of content prior to the app being opened. To get your apps into the first row, you can move them around as mentioned previously. You can also make folders and then dedicate your top row once the folders have been made.


Apple TV Tricks #14 – Check your Watch Now Queue

Your Watch Now tab offers your “Up Next” queue. This is the shows and movies that come from supported apps that you have been watching or that you added to your queue yourself. In this area, you can keep track of what you’re watching or need to watch. You’ll also find suggestions from Apple.


Apple TV Tricks #15 – Sign in Once for TV Apps

TV Everywhere apps are awesome, but it can be a pain having to login to every single one of them. Luckily, with Apple TV, you no longer have to deal with that. In your settings, you can add your TV provider details, if you have them, and then when you install supported apps, tvOS will sign you in from the jump, so you don’t have to sign in to every app you use!

How about those amazing Apple TV tips? Did we list your favorites or do you have one we should know? If so, keep the conversation going in the comments!

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