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Want to watch BeIN Sports online but don't want to pay the high prices of cable TV? Now there are legal ways you can enjoy a BeIN Sports live stream without cable.

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If you love sports, then you really love sports. It’s in your blood. You feel every miraculous victory and every crushing defeat right in your bones. Whether you love soccer, motorsports, tennis, cycling, rugby, or more you can find all of it on BeIN Sports. But when it comes to specialty networks many fans are too scared to cut the cable cord. What if there is no other way to access the action? Can you watch BeIN Sports live stream online?

In our handy guide, you’ll learn all the best ways to watch BeIN Sports online legally, without needing a cable subscription. Below, you’ll find your best options.


Watch BeIN Sports Online with Sling TV

Sling TV

Without a doubt, Sling TV is a great way to watch BeIN Sports online without cable. What is Sling TV? Basically, it’s an online streaming service that offers you all of your favorite pay TV channels, without the need for a cable subscription. And just like Netflix and other streatming services, you pay month to month and can cancel any time. You can enjoy Sling TV on all of your favorite streaming devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and more, as well as mobile devices and on your computer.

Sling TV can also let you watch BeIN Sport HD online, without cable. Not only can you watch the games as they happen (including the El Clasico live stream), but you can keep up with all the most important sports news, plus watch all your favorite TV channels and more. All of this is possible with Sling TV.

BeIN Sports, along with a variety of other popular sports networks, is available as a part of the Sling TV Sports Extra package. The basic Sling TV service is only $20 per month and you can start with a 7-day free trial. To add BeIN and other sports networks you only have to pay an addition $5 a month. What a great deal! Along with BeIN Sports live streaming you’ll be able to watch ESPNews, SEC Network, and Universal Sports Network. That’s a comprehensive sports package that can’t be beat!

Try Sling TV free for a week to see if the service is right for you!


Watch BeIN Sports Live Stream with fuboTV


FuboTV is another good way to watch BeIN Sport HD online. fuboTV is an online sports streaming service that starts under $10 a month. We have reviewed it in detail in our fuboTV review. Designed with soccer fans in mind, fuboTV offers the most football/soccer content of any online streaming service. You’ll get to enjoy live soccer games from the best teams around the world. Recently, they added BeIN Sports to their already impressive lineup of cable channels. Click here for the Spanish version.

You can also start a free 24 hour trial to test the service out.


PlayStation Vue Carries BeIN Sports Live Stream

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is another live streaming service that’s pretty similar to Sling TV. Designed as a way to replace cable TV, Vue carries a huge lineup of popular channels, all delivered streaming directly to your devices (no Apple TV support at this time). The difference between the services is that Vue starts between $29.99-$39.99 a month, depending on your billing location. It’s also worth noting that Vue does have some mobile streaming restrictions that can prevent you from watching on your phone or tablet if you aren’t on your home internet connection.

Read our PlayStation Vue review for more info.


Can You Watch BeIN Sport HD Online Anywhere Else Without Cable?

BeIN Sports offers the BeIN Sports Connect services so you can watch the network streaming online. But, you have to already be a cable subscriber to access the BeIn Sports live stream. This is simply not an option for millions of US households that want to ditch the cable bill and access sports and entertainment online. Sling TVfuboTV, and PlayStation Vue are the only services that currently carry BeIN Sports without cable.


How to Watch Sports Online

Want learn all about how to watch soccer online? We’ve got you covered with our detailed guide. You can also explore your options for live sports streaming in our overall sports guide.

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