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Euro 2016

This Monday, June 13th, Belgium and Italy face off in an early Euro 2016 match. Want to watch the Belgium vs Italy live stream?

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Italy is a perennial contender, and Belgium is always in the mix as well. If you are going to watch the UEFA tournament, you are going to want to keep on eye on this match. These two teams play a fast-paced style, and it is going to be exciting to watch, whether you are a fan of either team or not. These two teams don’t have much of a history against each other, and the last time they competed against one another in the UEFA tournament was back in the year 2000, when Italy won 2-0. In order to watch the Belgium vs Italy live stream, find your options below.

If you want to watch Belgium vs Italy online, you have plenty of options, and you won’t have to go to a local sports bar or restaurant and fight for a view. No, you can easily find a high-quality and reliable Belgium vs Italy live stream. If you are looking to watch this match, read below as we will show you how to catch the action.

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Watch Belgium vs Italy Online with Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV allows you to stream sports, TV shows, movies and news shows, both live and on-demand. There is no doubt about it – Sling TV is the best option to stream soccer matches, other sports matches and even your favorite television shows.

Since the Belgium vs Italy match is going to be on ESPN and ESPN Deportes, you can easily watch the Belgium vs Italy stream as Sling TV carries ESPN. In addition, you get ESPN2. If you pay an additional $5 a month to get the Best of Spanish TV package, you get ESPN Deportes, which is well worth it if you are a soccer fan. Check out our review of Sling TV if you are not convinced.

Of course, since there is a 7-day free, no obligation trial, you really don’t need to think about it, and if you want to watch the Belgium vs Italy live stream, you should sign up now. With a subscription, in addition to a host of cable channels, you will enjoy access to a ton of on-demand shows.

If you are looking to watch Belgium vs Italy online, you probably want to watch on a big television and not your laptop. You are in luck. With the Roku player, you can watch on your big screen TV and enjoy the match with friends. If you sign up for 3 months of service, you will receive the Roku 2 player for free.

Finally, if you are a T-Mobile customer, you can sign up and get 30% off the Best of Live TV base package. With this discount, you get the service for $14 a month, and this is not a one-month thing. You will enjoy the discount for one year, though you can still cancel anytime you want, which is not the case with cable TV. On top of all of that, if you want to, you can enjoy the Belgium vs Italy stream on your phone with no worries as T-Mobile offers a binge on feature, which allows you to stream Sling TV without it counting against your data plan.


PlayStation Vue is A Great Alternative to Watch the Belgium vs Italy Live Stream

Playstation Vue

With PlayStation Vue, you can watch ESPN and ESPN live streaming, including the UEFA tournament. Though, unlike Sling TV, you can’t currently get access to ESPN Deportes, though the service is new and it could come in the future.

Vue is available nationwide. If you live in select big cities, you can get NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX streaming on top of the awesome selection of cable channels. If you don’t live in any of those markets, you will have to wait till the next day to get NBC, ABC and FOX shows on demand, starting the day after the program airs.

Starting at $29.99 a month, PlayStation Vue is a great service to check out, and it should only get better. Right now, it is available on the PS3 and PS4, as well as the iPad, Amazon Fire and Chromecast. You must be aware, if you plan to travel and use PlayStation Vue, you may want to reconsider as there are serious limitations to using outside of the home. You are pretty much tied to your home location, with the only exceptions being your iPhone and iPad app, and even then, you will have limitations as to what you can watch.

All in all, it is a good service that will get even better and you are sure to enjoy the Belgium vs Italy live stream if you sign up for PlayStation Vue. If you want to learn more about PlayStation Vue and what it can do for you, check out our full-length review here.


What If I’m Not in the United States?

If you’re not in the US, you need to look for other streaming options. If you live in the UK, you can use the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub. But if you aren’t in the UK those will only work if you use a VPN, but this is cosidered moral grey area by most people.


Belgium vs Italy Streaming Schedule

Date: Monday, June 13th
Time: 3:00 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN/ESPN Deportes
Best Streaming Service: Sling TV


This game is sure to be a must-watch match, so you won’t want to miss it! Check out the game lineups to see who you can expect to take the field come Monday.

Soccer fans who like to follow matches from all around the world should check out our guide here. Whether you want to watch the English Premier league, MLS or many other leagues, you can find out how to watch online. You’ll also be able to watch the rest of Euro 2016 streaming online by using our guides.


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