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Monday Night Football

On Monday, November 7th, the Buffallo Bills will face the Seattle Seahawks in an epic MNF match. Want to watch the Bills vs Seahawks live stream?

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For the most part, Mondays kinda suck. But you know what doesn’t suck? Watching the Bills vs Seahawks game LIVE, without cable TV! This Monday, November 7th, the Bills will face off in Seattle against the Seahawks in a Monday Night Football matchup. It’s possible to catch the Bills vs Seahawks live stream, even if you don’t have cable TV – and we’ll show you how.

With Seattle leading the NFC West, and Buffalo holding second in the AFC East, this should be an exciting game to watch. Both teams have some incredibly talented players, and fans from all over are eagerly awaiting this match. Many of our readers wonder if it’s possible to watch Bills vs Seahawks online, and luckily, the answer is YES! Here’s how:


Use Sling TV for the Bills vs Seahawks Live Stream

Sling TV

Sling TV is our top recommendation for fans looking for a way to stream the Bills vs Seahawks game. In fact, Sling TV is our top overall recommendation for cord-cutters in general, because it offers such tremendous value. Here’s how it works:

  • Sling TV is just $20 a month, and includes 25+ channels
  • The Sling TV channel list includes awesome options like ESPN, TNT, AMC, TBS, Comedy Central, CNN and many more
  • Sling TV is an internet streaming service, so you don’t need cable TV
  • The service is contract-free, so you can cancel whenever
  • You can watch the Bills vs Seahawks live stream this week easily because Sling offers ESPN streaming
  • In fact, you can watch EVERY Monday Night Football game plus tons of other games LIVE with Sling!
  • Watch on your smart TV, computer, tablet, streaming device, or gaming console
  • Try Sling TV for FREE for a full week by clicking here!

That’s the gist of it: you can use Sling TV to watch the Bills vs Seahawks game online, without needing a cable contract. If you take advantage of the free trial offer, you can stream Bills vs Seahawks for free! And, beyond football, you’ll enjoy tons of the best TV shows, movies, news and more on many great channels.

If you’re gonna sign up for Sling to watch Bills vs Seahawks game, you may as well take advantage of some of the limited-time promos they have going on, such as:

No matter which deal you choose, we think you will be very happy with Sling TV!


Use NFL GamePass to Watch Bills vs Seahawks Online

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is another good streaming service for football fans. It’s very different because it literally ONLY offers NFL content, so it’s not a complete cable-alternative like Sling TV. It also won’t give you the Bills vs Seahawks live stream, but it will let you watch the game on-demand.

NFL Game Pass (review here) provides on-demand access to EVERY game of the NFL season. Again, you can’t watch games live, but you can watch them on-demand after they air. You’ll also get a ton of great analytical content, replays of past season games, and so much more. For NFL fans, Game Pass is a must.

There is a 7-day free trial, and after that you’ll pay $75 for the entire season!


Stream the Bills vs Seahawks Game Live with PS Vue


PlayStation Vue is another way you can watch the Bills vs Seahawks game online. It works a lot like Sling TV, giving you live access to many popular TV channels without a cable subscription.

Vue’s plans start from $30 a month, giving you 50+ channels. ESPN is included, which means you can watch the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills battle it out this Monday. Vue works on many devices, but is somewhat more restrictive than Sling TV. You also can’t watch Vue while outside of your home. For these reasons, and the cost difference, we recommend Sling TV over PlayStation Vue.


For International Fans – Stream Bills vs Seahawks Live with Game Pass International

If you’re an NFL fan living outside of the US, the best way to still stream this game and others is to use NFL Game Pass International. This service actually offers EVERY game of the regular season, LIVE! It’s super easy to use, affordable, and a great choice for NFL fans living outside the US. Learn more here.


Watch the NFL Online

Okay, so now you’re prepared to watch the Bills vs Seahawks stream (check the game preview here), but what about all the other games? Head on over to our NFL streaming guide to learn more!

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