Broadvoice Review: In-Depth Look at the Popular VoIP Service


Broadvoice is a service that allows you to enjoy full home phone service over your internet connection. It is cheaper than most – if not all – current home phone services and produces crystal clear audio. Basically, it’s a different version of a home phone that will have you spending less, for higher quality service.

To learn about everything the phone service has to offer, read our full Broadvoice review below.


What is Broadvoice?

Broadvoice is a VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, service. Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying that your home phone is connected to your internet rather than through the traditional phone lines. Luckily, VoIP has been around long enough to make the technology remarkable, and now we can even use it as a permanent home phone. On top of that, it’s evolved enough to be able to handle full business phone services as well, providing a better service for cheaper than the phone companies. Like with any broadband phone service, it relies heavily on an internet connection to function properly.

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What Features Does Broadvoice Have to Offer?

Broadvoice offers a wide array of features available to their users that are designed to make your home phone the easiest one to deal with. It comes with the standard calling features, but also has a few you may not know about:

  • Super Low Price: Broadvoice starts as low as $8.33 a month for full home phone service.You can enjoy local and international calls at a fraction of the cost of standard phone service. For a limited time, use promo code VOIPFAST5 to save an additional $5 when you order online.
  • Voicemail Viewer: You can check your voicemails as easily as checking your email using their Broadvoice Voicemail Viewer.
  • Softphone: Softphone is an amazing feature, allowing you to ‘take your phone with you’; meaning that you can utilize a cell phone with your home phone number no matter where in the US or Canada!
  • 30-Day Guarantee: One of the best features they’ve got for new users is the worry-free month. If up to 30 days have passed and you’re not satisfied with the service, you can downgrade or cancel at your wish and the cost to you will be refunded.
  • Keep Your Number: One great feature is that regardless of where you move or go, you’ll always be able to keep the number you had before.


What Plans are Available if I Do Go with This Service?

If you go with Broadvoice, there are six different plans available, regardless whether you want to do domestic or international. There are three US and Canada domestic plans which you should be aware of, each featuring the same Unlimited US and Canada name, each performs the exact same calling functions, the only difference between the three being the pricing structures.

The international plans have more of a difference in them, as the higher quality plan you go with will increase the amount of countries you can dial out to! The cheapest plan, called Unlimited World, makes dialing to 27 different countries easy to do from any location in them. The middle offer reaches 75 different countries and is titled Unlimited World Plus. With Unlimited World Premium, their most expensive international offer, you’ll be able to contact anyone in 87 different countries without worrying about any type of international overages!

Click here to learn more about Broadvoice’s plans.


How Much Would Broadvoice Cost Me?

Alright, so the domestic plans don’t have much of a difference besides the price based on whether you go contract or not, so what’s the price of Broadvoice domestic?

  • $99.95 Prepay: This option is available if you don’t want any contracts. It’s a one time fee you pay upfront and then the service is yours for an entire year!
  • $9.95 Monthly: if you’re not looking to pay in bulk, this option is available; though it is a regular monthly charge and you’ll be locked into a year-long contract, the first deal is more cost effective.
  • $19.95 Monthly: This option is available to everyone not looking for a contract to deal with. While the price is a bit higher on a monthly scale, you won’t ever have to worry about being tied down. You can cancel at any time.

Those are the three domestic plan prices, remember that they all have the exact same names, but the prices change. Now, what about international?

  • Unlimited World: Going with their most basic international plan will cost you $19.95.
  • Unlimited World Plus: going with the 75 country option, which is a large jump from the 27 of the basic package, will run you $24.95.
  • Unlimited World Premium: Lastly, the final international plan costs $49.95, allowing access to every available country.

One of the best things about the international packages is that none of them require a contract. That means no signing anything, and you pay by the month, making it easier to cancel or switch your plans should you ever choose to.


Is Broadvoice Available in My Area?

Good news, if you’re a resident of the USA or Canada, you’ll be able to get Broadvoice set up with no issues! Unfortunately, they haven’t yet managed to make it further overseas to our good friends in Europe and Australia, but as time goes on they may just expand as well.


How Does Broadvoice Compare Against Other VoIP providers, Like Vonage?

Just like with phone companies, the best VoIP companies offer different ranges of features and services. Some are arguably better than others, and some offer more than others. As far as price goes, Broadvoice will cost you less in a year than Vonage’s internet phone will for the same plan type, and comes with more. Overall, it holds up better than both AT&T and Vonage when it comes to the range of services and cost!

Click here to visit the Broadvoice website for more details about their great internet phone service.

If you still have some questions regarding what exactly Broadvoice offers, don’t worry. Just leave us a comment down below, and we’ll get you any answer you need to get a full understanding of VoIP services.

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