Cavaliers vs Raptors Live Stream: How to Watch Online

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NBA Conference Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors will face off for the 2016 Eastern Conference Finals. Want to watch a Cavaliers vs Raptors live stream?

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Starting on Tuesday, May 17th the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors will be facing off in a 7-round series for the Eastern Conference Finals. With so much at stake in this round, both teams will have to perform at their best. Fans from both corners are waiting eagerly to see their team make it to the finals, but with two dominant teams facing off, this series could go either way. If you’d like to catch a Cavaliers vs Raptors live stream, learn how below.

In past seasons, you simply had to have cable in order to watch the NBA Playoffs. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. It’s now possible – and in fact, quite simple – to watch the Cavaliers vs Raptors online, as well as the rest of the NBA Playoffs. The options below provide the best methods for enjoying Cavs vs Raptors streaming.


Catch Cavaliers vs Raptors Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is your #1 option for NBA Finals streaming, because it offers ESPN in its channel package. This season, ESPN owns the rights to the conference finals, so they will be the only network broadcasting the Cavs vs Raptors live stream.

So, what is Sling TV? Basically, it’s an online streaming service that gives you the best aspects of having a cable subscription, without the absurd cost or long-term contracts. Where you might pay $100+ for cable, you’ll pay only $20 a month for Sling TV. Even the most basic package includes 20+ channels, including ESPN, TBS, and TNT – the three channels that broadcast the most NBA games each season.

Better still, Sling is available without a contract. Sign up for as little as a month, and cancel if you don’t want to keep it. There is even a free 7-day trial available, which provides an easy way to watch the Cavs vs Raptors online free for a full week!

To learn more about this service, take a look at our Sling TV review. If you’re wanting to sign up for the service, you should know that if you commit to 3 months (which would only be $60), you can get a FREE Roku 2 streaming player. The Roku will allow you to watch the Cavs vs Raptors live stream directly on your big-screen TV. Other Sling TV devices include Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, gaming consoles, mobile devices and computers.

Sign up for the free week long trial today, just in time to watch the Cavs vs Raptors game tonight!


Enjoy Cavaliers vs Raptors Streaming with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another service that is very similar to Sling TV. It too offers ESPN in its channel lineup, meaning Vue is a good way to watch the Cavs vs Raptors online.

PlayStation Vue has plans starting at $30 a month, and even that most basic plan includes ESPN, TNT, TBS, and 50+ other quality channels. So, while it’s a bit more expensive than Sling TV, it does offer significantly more channels. Vue has packages ranging up to 100+ channels.

The real downside to PS Vue is limited device compatibility. Currently, you can only watch the Cavaliers vs Raptors live stream via PS Vue if you own a PS3/PS4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or an iOS device. Compared to Sling TV, which is compatible with practically every major streaming device, Vue is fairly limited. Check out our PS Vue review for more.

There is a free trial available, which you can start by clicking here.


Cavs vs Raptors Streaming Schedule

Note: you can enjoy Cavaliers vs Raptors live stream via Sling TV or PS Vue for ALL of these games:

Cavaliers vs Raptors schedule


Watch Other Sports Online

Now that you know how to watch the Cavs vs Raptors online, you may be wondering about your other favorite teams, or maybe even other sports. We’ve got you covered in our detailed sports streaming guide. Looking for a great deal on internet? Check our ISP comparison tool.

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