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CutCableToday Editorial Team


Aaron Gunderson–Partnerships
Bio: Aaron Gunderson loves to save money. The best way? By cutting the cable cord.


Courtenay Stevens–Contributing Writer
Bio: Courtenay has been a professional writer for nearly 7 years. She loves that she can now help people cut the cord by merging her affinity for writing with her passion for watching TV, talking about movies, and keeping up with her various fantasy sports teams.


Tyler Abbott–Contributing Writer
Bio: Being a lifelong Lakers fan living in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tyler is passionate about how to watch sports from any location. He also loves watching popular HBO shows like Game of Thrones.


Mikayla Rivera–Contributing Editor
Bio: Mikayla Rivera may be the site editor, but her true calling is being a cartoon aficionado (with an unofficial minor in the ‘90s). If it’s considered nerdy, she watches it—most likely on demand using Hulu or Netflix.


Cason Carrel–Head of Content
Bio: Cason is born and raised in Philadelphia, which means he is a die hard fan of the Eagles. He loves watching any sport on TV and he is also known to love watching shows like This is Us and The Goldbergs.

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