CoSchedule Review: A Simple and Powerful WordPress Editorial Calendar

If you use WordPress to run your blog or content website, you have surely experienced the complicated process of organizing and scheduling new posts. If you’re only updating a bit here and there, and you’re the only writer, keeping track on your own is easy enough – but if you’re handling large-scale content campaigns and working with a team of writers, you’ll need tools to help you keep things on track. More specifically, you need CoSchedule!

What Is CoSchedule?

Basically, it’s an all-in-one editorial calendar that works seamlessly with WordPress. From it, you can schedule posts, assign tasks, schedule social media posts, publish WordPress posts and pages, and much more. It’s all conveniently tied into WordPress, and everything is synched up – change something in CoSchedule, and it will change in WordPress as well.

Here’s a picture of what the calendar looks like:

coschedule screenshot

From within the calendar, you can see all your tasks assigned to you, and monitor the progress of your team members. You can also assign tasks – let your writers know you need a handful of new articles, let your social staff know you need to push your campaign hard on Facebook this month, let your editor know that you have some old content that needs to be cleaned up. Whatever it is, you can assign tasks to all your team members, and monitor their progress from within one simple and well-organized calendar.


How Does CoSchedule Help?

One word: organization. Instead of Google Docs and spreadsheets and countless emails, you have everything all neatly organized in one location. From your User Dashboard (see below), you can take a quick glance at your tasks, assign new tasks, communicate with your team, schedule social media posts, and much more.


It’s all laid out in an easy, organized way. From assigning tasks to editing posts to scheduling social messages to monitoring your campaign’s progress, everything is all found on your dashboard! For more detail, dive into the calendar to get an overlook for the coming weeks.


How Does it Work?

CoSchedule is designed with WordPress in mind. When you set up your CoSchedule account for the first time, you’ll have an option to sync it with your WordPress-hosted blog or website. After the initial setup, everything is synchronized. You can do just about everything directly in CoSchedule. For scheduled WordPress posts, you’ll have the option to click through to edit the page in your WordPress dashboard. In WordPress, you’ll see the CoSchedule plugin below the text editing box. You can leave comments for your team mates, schedule social posts and more from directly in WordPress, or head back to the CoSchedule dashboard for even more options.



How Do We Use It?

Here at CCT, we use CoSchedule to do, well, just about everything! We have a good sized team here, with anywhere from 10-15 writers at a time, 2 editors, and several administrative staff. EVERYTHING is done through CoSchedule. Every week, our admins assign tasks to the writers and editors, laying out the week’s content calendar. In any given week, we’ll have several hundred tasks assigned – that includes telling the writers to complete the draft in WordPress, the editors to prepare the guides for publication, the social guy to schedule social posts, and the admins to give a final OK.

Without CoSchedule, our editorial process would be a mess. Most of our team is scattered throughout the country, working remotely. We can’t have a quick morning meeting every day to schedule our tasks. Instead, we use CoSchedule – and so far, it’s revolutionized the way we organize and handle our content production and publication! It’s improved productivity significantly and made all our jobs much, much easier. The Social Queue feature alone is a lifesaver, allowing us to schedule social posts weeks or even months in advance to further automate our campaigns.


The CoSchedule social queue lets us schedule social messages in advance


Would We Recommend It?

Yes, absolutely! We wholeheartedly recommend CoSchedule for any blogger or webmaster who works with other people to produce and publish content. Even if you only have a team of 2 or 3, having everything all in one place is very beneficial.


Want to Learn More?

Head on over to CoSchedule today to learn more about this fantastic program. They even offer a free 14-day trial!

For a bit more info, you can also check out their video below:

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