Ecuador vs Haiti Live Stream, Copa America 2016: Watch Online

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Copa America 2016

This Sunday, June 12th, Ecuador and Haiti will face each other during Copa America Centenario. Want to watch the Ecuador vs Haiti live stream?

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The Ecuador vs Haiti live stream is a more intriguing match than it may appear at first blush. Ecuador impressively held Brazil to a scoreless draw in their first match, while Haiti bravely fought Peru and fell just 1-0. With neither team picking up a W, though, both may need one to advance to the quarterfinals. If you’re looking to catch the Ecuador vs Haiti stream, we’ll show you how in the guide below.

The game will be on FS2 and Univision Deportes Sunday, June 12th at 6:30 Eastern, and there are no shortage of ways for cord-cutters to watch Ecuador vs Haiti online. Read on for your options.


Sling TV Lets You Watch Ecuador vs Haiti Online

Sling TV

Sling TV offers a ton of great content and many valuable extras. Let’s actually talk about the extras first in this case, because if you want to watch the Ecuador vs Haiti live stream, you would do it through one of Sling TV’s extras, the Sports Extra package, on Univision Deportes. The Sports Extra package has a bunch of great channels, however, including ESPNU, ESPNNews, beIN Sports, or more.

Sling TV will provide an excellent way to watch Copa America online. In this case, however, the game is only available from Univision Deportes, so the coverage will be in Spanish. For 95% of the other Copa America games, you’ll be able to watch in both English and Spanish.

It is an “extra” package, however, so you would need to buy a base package too. They have two of them, they both have over 20 channels, a ton of on-demand content, and they are both just $20 a month. Or if you don’t like it, cancel it during your free 7-day trial and pay nothing. You’re not tied into any contract so you can additionally cancel after 10 weeks, 10 months, or 10 years without penalty.

But sometimes just a tiny bit of commitment can be rewarding, and Sling TV (review) makes it very, very rewarding: if you pay in advance for 3 months -$60- you get credit for a free Roku 2, a $70 value. What a great deal! Jump on it!


Watch The Ecuador vs Haiti Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

If you want to watch the Ecuador vs Haiti stream in the Queen’s English – that is, on FS2 – then PlayStation Vue is your best bet. They have several packages to choose from, each with dozens of channels, starting at $29.99. When you go all out for their “elite” package, you get over 100 channels! That’s more than almost any cord-cutting service.

PlayStation Vue works on PS3/PS4, iPad/iPhone, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV devices, but it does NOT work outside the home (or office or wherever you set it up) with a few exceptions for iPhone and iPad. So in general, it’s not a mobile service.

If you live in New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, or Philly, PlayStation Vue is especially worth a look, because you get your local channels on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. Elsewhere, you still get the main network programming for those networks (not CBS though), just on-demand, a day later. Check out our full PlayStation Vue writeup here.


FuboTV Is A Bargain Hunter’s Dream Come True


It’s just $9.99 a month whaaaat? That just destroys the price of most other cord-cutting services. But if you are a big soccer fan in particular, FuboTV has all you need (that name is no accident). BeIN sports? GolTV? Univision Deportes? Benfica TV? Check, Check, Check, Check. There even have their own dedicated soccer channel, more sports channels, and entertainment channels; in short, something for the whole family.

With Fubo, you’ll be able to watch the Ecuador vs Haiti live stream in Spanish on Univision Deportes, as well as a TON of other great soccer! It’s especially great for Spanish-speaking cord cutters, and it comes with a 24-hour free trial. Learn more about in our FuboTV review.


Fox Soccer 2Go Gives You More Soccer Than You Can Possibly Handle

FOX Soccer 2Go

First and foremost, you can watch the Ecuador vs Haiti live stream via FS2 on Fox Soccer 2Go, and any other live soccer match on any Fox network.

But that’s really only half of the amazing story of Fox Soccer 2Go (our review). It is the most robust on-demand service of soccer ever implemented. You get Fox’s entire library of matches to watch whenever you like, and the includes not just the Copa America, but both the men’s and women’s upcoming World Cups, the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, the Bundesliga, more niche leagues like the Australian A-League and the Scottish Premier League, and more. Aussie rules football and rugby league, too.

In all, their library has over 1,400 matches at this writing, and it’s all yours for just $19.99 a month. It’s even less if you want to pay for a year at once: $10 for the first month, then $139.99 for the next twelve months.


Ecuador vs Haiti Streaming Schedule

Date: Sunday, June 12th
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Channel: FS2 (Univision Deportes for Spanish coverage)
Live Stream: Sling TV


With Ecuador recently tying with the dominant Brazilian team, they seem to be the favorite in this matchup, but time will tell. Check the Group B primer to learn more about these two teams. We have more to tell you about watching soccer as a cord-cutter here, and more about watching all sports here.


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