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The Foster Farms Bowl will this year feature the Indiana Hoosiers and the Utah Utes. Want to watch the Foster Farms Bowl live stream?

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The Indiana Hoosiers and the Utah Utes will face off in the Foster Farms Bowl on December 28th. The game will kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET and will feature two teams fighting to end their seasons on a high note with a bowl victory. Are you ready for kickoff? We’ll show you how to watch the Foster Farms bowl live stream online in the guide below.

ESPN has the broadcast rights for a majority of the college football bowl games, however, the Foster Farms Bowl is one of the only games that is set to be hosted on FOX. There are a few ways that you can watch FOX online, and therefore watch the Foster Farms Bowl online. Keep reading for more info.


Watch the Foster Farms Bowl Live Stream with Sling TV

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There has been a growing trend in people deciding to rid themselves of the expensive cable package. Dish Network targeted this trend when it launched Sling TV early in 2015. It has become increasingly popular due to its solid variety of channels including the ability to live stream popular sporting events.

Sling TV (full review) has packages starting from $20 a month, although you’ll want to go with the $25/month Sling Blue package in order to get FOX streaming. FOX is available on Sling Blue, along with 40+ other channels. However, keep in mind that FOX is only available in select markets. Currently, those markets are:

Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, N.C.; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Dallas, Texas; Gainesville, Fla.; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles; New York; Orlando; Philadelphia; Minneapolis; Phoenix; Austin, Texas; San Francisco; Tampa, Fla; and Washington D.C.

If you live in one of the markets listed above, you’ll get FOX live streaming, and therefore you can use Sling to watch the Foster Farms Bowl online. If you don’t live in one of these areas, you unfortunately will not be able to use this service to watch Indiana vs Utah online (although you can still watch all the other channels Sling offers).

If you live in the right area, with Sling TV you can actually watch the Foster Farms Bowl live stream for free thanks to its free 7-day trial. If you sign up at the right time you can watch Indiana vs Utah live stream and a bunch of other bowl games this postseason. Sling TV also has a limited-time offer if you pay in advance for three months of your service you get a free Roku Streaming device.

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Use DIRECTV NOW to Watch the Foster Farms Bowl Online

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DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service that also offers FOX streaming. However, like Sling TV, FOX is only available in some areas. All other channels are available nationwide.

For those living in the right areas, you can subscribe to DIRECTV NOW for $35/month, and get 60+ channels. The service is non contract, and does not require cable or satellite. It works over the internet, allowing you to watch live TV on various devices. Read our DIRECTV NOW review for more.

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Watch Indiana vs Utah Online with PlayStation Vue


PlayStation Vue is a popular online streaming service brought to you by Sony. Like the other services we’ve discussed, it’s all online, so no cable is required. Vue works on streaming devices, mobile devices, and PlayStation consoles. It does not currently work on computers. Vue offers FOX, which means you can use it to watch the Foster Farms Bowl live stream.

Unfortunately, like all the rest, Vue only offers FOX in some markets, so the Foster Farms Bowl is only available to stream in some areas. Check out our PlayStation Vue review to learn more.


Use an Antenna to Watch Indiana vs Utah Live Stream FREE

antenna DVR combo

Surprisingly, you may actually be able to watch the Foster Farms Bowl free by using an over-the-air antenna. All you need is a quality antenna, and you’ll be able to pick up many stations like NBC, ABC, and FOX. Since this game is set to air on FOX, you’ll be able to stream the Foster Farms Bowl so long as you live within the local broadcasting area of your local FOX affiliate. For added convenience, consider recording the game to watch later by using a DVR.


Foster Farms Bowl Schedule

Date: Wednesday, December 28th
Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Network: FOX (or Sling TV in select markets)


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