FOX Sports Midwest Live Stream: How to Watch FOX Sports Midwest Online without Cable

FOX Sports Midwest Live Stream

Anyone from the Midwest knows that this region is culturally different from anywhere else in the United States. Between the Great Lakes and the prairie, from the rust belt to the bread basket, the Midwest is a unique part of the country. And that is true for Midwestern sports fans as well. Sports are serious business whether it is pro or college, or football, hockey, baseball or anything else. So where do you go to get the best sports coverage? The FOX Sports Midwest live stream is a good bet.

But without cable, how do you watch FOX Sports Midwest online? There are a few ways to get started. Let’s take a closer look.


Watch FOX Sports Midwest Live Stream on Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is one of our favorite tools to cut the cord. The service is exceptional in its affordability and convenience. The package that includes FOX Sports Midwest streaming is only $25 per month with no contract, and comes with a lot of additional features like live FOX and NBC broadcasts in select markets, the regional FOX Sports networks, like FOX Sports Midwest streaming, and regional Comcast Sportsnet. Plus, you’ll have access to hard-to-get pay TV channels like AMC, HGTV, USA, Syfy, and so much more.

You can watch Sling TV on multiple platforms including your computer, mobile devices, and streaming options like Roku and Apple TV. In fact, you can often get great deals on Roku with regular promotions. You may even be able to get FOX Sports Midwest on Apple TV at a discount by checking out the Sling TV website.

Of course, to stream FOX Sports Midwest you will need to be in the Midwest broadcast region. If you live elsewhere, you’ll get your local network. Our review has more details.

If you want to try out Sling TV for yourself, start with a free 7-day trial to watch FOX Sports Midwest live stream free before making the decision.


Watch FOX Sports Midwest Online with PlayStation Vue

Another excellent way to watch FOX Sports Midwest online live is with PlayStation Vue. This service can turn your gaming console, or a number of other connected devices, into a complete cable replacement solution. If you live in the Midwest, you’ll be able to stream FOX Sports Midwest. If not, you’ll get your local FOX Sports channel.

PlayStation Vue starts as low as $29.99 per month for the basic package. Or, if you’re in an area with live, local channels it is only $39.99. NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS are only available in 7 cities right now, including Chicago.

PlayStation Vue is currently available on PS3/PS4, Apple and Android phones and tablets, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast. There is no support yet for Apple TV, but we’re watching out for it in the future.

Cord cutters do need to be aware of some restrictions on PlayStation Vue. Using the service outside of your home network is severely limited. This is even true with the iOS mobile app. So you may not be able to stream FOX Sports Midwest on the go.


What Sports Teams Play on FOX Sports Midwest?

Being able to access the FOX Sports Midwest live stream is a big deal, because it will give you access to tons of great teams like:

To learn more about watching other shows and sports broadcasts without cable, check our live sports streaming guide.

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