FOX Sports South Live Stream: How to Watch FOX Sports South Online without Cable

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FOX Sports South is one of the best regional sports networks, covering local and national teams for residents of the South. Want to watch the FOX Sports South live stream?

Where to Watch Online:

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For sports fans, having access to your regional broadcasting networks is essential. Up until recently, you pretty much needed to have cable to watch local sports, but that’s no longer the case! Today, residents of the South can watch FOX Sports South online, without cable TV!

Whether you’re looking to watch the Braves, the Hawks, or your favorite college teams, FOX Sports South is the network for you. And in this guide, we’ll show you how to watch FOX Sports South live stream online! Here’s how:


fuboTV is one way to Watch FOX Sports South Online without Cable


fuboTV offers 40 different channels, including the one you need to watch FOX Sports South. Pay just $35/month and receive Oxygen, Golf Channel, NBA TV, History, FX, FXX, MSNBC, FOXBusiness, Telemundo, Eleven Sports, FYI, and more! There are plenty of sports channels, but also many other popular channels. Local channels are available in live stream in cities like New York, and on-demand everywhere else! Add on channel bundles for between $3-$13! The cloud-based DVR will allow you to record all of your favorite content, as it streams! Watch on devices like Chromecast and Roku!

You can find out more about all of these options in our fuboTV review! Don’t forget about the seven days you can watch for free utilizing the fuboTV free trial!


Use Sling TV to Watch the FOX Sports South Live Stream

Sling TV

For residents of the South, Sling TV is the best way to watch FOX Sports South online. Actually, it’s one of the best ways to watch TV in general, without paying for cable TV. Here’s how it works:

  • Sling Blue is just $25 a month, and includes 40+ channels
  • For Southern residents, Sling Blue includes FOX Sports South streaming
  • Other channels include FS1, TNT, CNN, TBS and many more
  • You can watch FOX Sports South on Roku, Apple TV, and most other streaming devices
  • Or, watch on your computer, smartphone, or smart TV
  • Sling TV is no-contract, so you can cancel whenever you want
  • There is a FREE 7-day trial available

In other words, for less than a dollar a day you can stream FOX Sports South, as well as 40+ other very popular TV channels, without cable! See the full Sling TV channel list for details. The cost is only $25 a month, and you can cancel at any time. There may even be some special deals available for you to consider!

Whether you choose to watch FOX Sports South on Apple TV or on any of the other devices that Sling supports (pretty much any device capable of streaming video!), you’ll get great HD picture quality and have full access, just like if you had cable. Sling TV is the best way to stream FOX Sports South without a cable subscription.


Watch FOX Sports South Streaming on DIRECTV NOW



DIRECTV NOW is just one potential service where you can watch FOX Sports South streaming. Watch local content on demand, or if you live in large cities like Miami or Detroit, in live stream. You will want to start with the basic package, which will run you $35 a month. Pay for 60+ channels that include Freeform, TLC, FOXBusiness, C-SPAN, Cartoon Network, Hallmark, Lifetime, Spike, SyFy, WeatherNation, Discovery, and FX. HBO and other premium channels make a great add-on. Pay just $5 per channel to your package each month if you want them. Watch on streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, and your favorite mobile device!

Find out all of the ways you can watch FOX Sports South online on DIRECTV NOW using the guide we made offering a thorough DIRECTV NOW review! Check out the free weekly trial for DIRECTV NOW, too!


Use PlayStation Vue to Watch FOX Sports South Online


Another method that will work for some people is to use PlayStation Vue to access FOX Sports South streaming. Vue is similar to Sling TV, in that it provides live access to TV channels without a cable subscription.

FOX Sports South streaming is available on PlayStation Vue. The Vue packages start at $30/month. HBO is an additional add-on and will cost you a little bit more money. Your channel lineup is as follows: FOX News, AMC, Discovery, History, OWN, USA, ESPN, FS1, and many other channels.

Watch Vue on multiple devices, included but not limited to iPhone, Android, Apple TV, and Roku. The cloud-based DVR that comes with your subscription, is a great way to rewatch the shows you love. Content is stored for up to 28 days! You can even watch local channels, such as ABC, either by viewing content in the on-demand library or watching live stream in select cities! These cities include Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and San Diego!

PlayStation Vue makes it impossible to watch the service using your mobile devices unless you are at your home location. There is a solution, and that is signing it with your Vue login on TV Everywhere apps.

PlayStation Vue offers five days free viewing when you take advantage of the Vue free trial! Find out more about this and other topics relating to Vue in the PlayStation Vue review.


What Sports Teams Play on FOX Sports South?

Wondering what all the fuss is? What does FOX Sports South streaming actually provide? Well, there are tons of great teams that play on FOX Sports South, but some notable names include:


Need more info about other teams and networks you’d like to watch? We have a complete guide to streaming sports online which can help!

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