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Euro 2016

This Wednesday, June 15th, France and Albania will meet for a key match during the group round of Euro 2016. Want to watch the France vs Albania live stream?

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This Wednesday, June 16th, fans from all over the world will tune in to watch France, the host country of Euro 2016, face off with Albania. France is widely considered to be the favorite, but Albania is not a team to underestimate. Regardless of who you’re rooting for, you’ll definitely want to watch the France vs Albania live stream – learn how below.

Luckily, gone are the days when you needed a cable subscription in order to watch live sports. Today, it’s possible to watch France vs Albania online – as well as most other live sports events and TV shows. Below, we’ll explain the two best options for enjoying the France vs Albania stream.

Want to watch a France vs. Albania live stream outside the US? Click to learn about international options.


Watch the France vs Albania Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

No doubt, Sling TV is the best way to watch Euro 2016 matches online – and certainly the best way to watch the France vs Albania stream. In fact, Sling is generally the best way to watch live TV if you don’t have cable.

This match, along with the majority of the Euro 2016 tournament, will be hosted by ESPN (and ESPN Deportes for Spanish coverage). And, luckily, Sling TV offers ESPN in its basic package, and also offers ESPN Deportes as part of the Best of Spanish TV package. You can read all about Sling TV in our review here, but for now, here are some key features.

  • Sling TV offers 20+ channels for $20 a month
  • Enjoy live access to channels like ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, HGTV, AMC, TBS, CNN and many more
  • Add on additional channel packs for as little as $5 a month
  • NO contract or commitments
  • You can watch the France vs Albania live stream with Sling TV (or watch in Spanish with the “Best of Spanish TV” package)
  • Enjoy live shows, movies, news and sports, plus select on-demand content
  • Watch on just about any device – smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc.

As you can see, Sling TV offers a lot of pretty awesome features for a very awesome price. And yet, it gets even better – right now, they’re running a number of great promotions that you should take advantage of, including:

With a ton of great stuff to watch, including the entire Euro 2016 tournament, plus so many great special offers, there’s little reason NOT to sign up for Sling TV!


Watch France vs Albania Online with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

Another solid way for cord-cutters to watch the France vs Albania live stream is to use PlayStation Vue. Like Sling TV, PS Vue offers many popular TV channels, without a cable subscription.

Vue has 3 different packages, ranging in size from 55+ channels to 100+ channels, and in price from $30 a month to $45 a month. All the packages include ESPN, so when it comes to streaming France vs Albania, it doesn’t really matter which package you choose. Get the full details in our PlayStation vue review.

While Vue kills it in the channel department, offering more than even Sling TV, it lacks in some other areas. For instance, mobile viewing is restricted with PS Vue, meaning you can really only use it at home. Also, the only devices that currently support Vue are iOS devices, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and PlayStation consoles. There’s also no special deals going on right now, but Vue does offer a free 7 day trial.


How Do I Stream the Match outside the US?

If you live in the UK, you’re in luck. Use the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps. Outside the UK, you could use a VPN to change your IP and then view the streams on those players. However, some view this as an ethical gray area.

France vs Albania Streaming Schedule

Date: Wednesday, June 15th
Time: 3:00 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN/ESPN Deportes
Best Streaming Service: Sling TV


While host-country France is considered the favorite in group A, Albania is a team known for putting up a good fight. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on France – but since I’m not, I think I’ll just kick back and enjoy the match! You won’t want to miss this one…

But really, who wants to miss ANY soccer matches? Especially during big tournaments like the Euro. If you’ve recently canceled cable, you may wonder how you can watch all your favorite leagues and teams. Well, simply check our soccer streaming guide to learn more. To catch the rest of this tournament, our Euro 2016 streaming guide will help!

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