What is Google Unplugged? Review, Cost, Channels List, Free Trial Info, and More

google unplugged review

There is going to come a time when cord cutters have more options than cable TV users. It was announced recently that Google and CBS have cut a deal to air shows on Google’s upcoming streaming service. The service, which will be known as Unplugged, will be along the same vein as PlayStation Vue and other streaming services.

What can you expect from Google Unplugged? Well, that’s what we’re going to tell you in this Google Unplugged review. From the Google Unplugged price to the channels, we will tell you everything we currently know. We’ll even go over YouTube Unplugged so you know what that is. So, if you’re looking for a new streaming service, this should help you determine if Google Unplugged is what you’re looking for.


Google Unplugged Review: What is Google Unplugged

First off, Google owns YouTube. So, if you’re hearing about Google Unplugged and YouTube Unplugged, you should know that they are essentially the same thing. People have been using the terms interchangeably and it’s important to know that the service is one product despite it having two names. YouTube has been trying to get into the TV game for a long time.

Currently TV streaming options include Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. DirecTV Now and VIDGO will be rolling out shortly. Hulu is said to have a live option in the works. Apple and Amazon both have plans similar to Google Unplugged going, also. YouTube has mentioned getting into the live TV game previously, as far back as in 2012, though this is the first time any concrete details have emerged.


Google Unplugged Review: Google Unplugged Channels List

The Google Unplugged channel list has not yet been announced. We do know that Google has signed a deal with CBS to offer the network on Google Unplugged. So, you can expect CBS shows and specials to air on Google Unplugged. This will include the addition of live NFL games, as CBS airs weekly NFL games during football season. Sources also claim that CBS owned Pop and CBS Sports Network will also be included in the Google Unplugged offerings.

While other networks and channels have not announced their part in Google Unplugged, we do know that plenty of networks are considering partnering up. Among them include FOX, Fox News, National Geographic, ABC, Disney Channel, Freeform (formerly ABC Family), and others. Right now it looks like Google Unplugged is shooting for the skinny bundle model. This will give you some local channels and a selection of popular cable channels. They are also talking about having small add-on packages like Sling TV, which allows you to add a few channels here and there for a small additional fee.


Google Unplugged Review: What will Google Unplugged Cost?

The Google Unplugged price is going to be a factor for anyone considering this upcoming service. There is no definitive answer to the Google Unplugged cost question. If you believe rumors, Google is trying to keep the price under $35. Depending on their lineup, this could be difficult. It’s really hard to say at this point. If I had to guess, right now, I’d say you could expect pricing on the low end to be around $25 and at the high end, to be around $40.


Google Unplugged Review: Release Date

At this time there is no set release date, though we do know that YouTube Unplugged will launch in 2017. More details will be available as they release more information about the upcoming service.


Google Unplugged Review: Device Offerings

They haven’t announced what devices will be able to stream Google/YouTube Unplugged yet, but it stands to reason you can expect an app on most streaming services. As this is a Google company and YouTube has apps on all the major services, expect Unplugged to have the same treatment. You should be able to access on TV, phone, and a variety of gaming consoles and streaming apps.


What about a Free Trial?

We don’t know at this point if Google Unplugged will offer a free trial, but since most services do, it’s highly likely. That said, we won’t know how long of a trial or any additional details until Google announces them.


Anything Else?

We will update this Google Unplugged review as information is made available about Unplugged. Make sure to check back later for more information!


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