HBO GO without Cable: 5 Legal Ways to Stream HBO Online

hbo go without cable

One of the most common questions about HBO, especially by cord cutters, is: “Can you get HBO GO without cable?” The short answer is yes. In fact, you can get an HBO GO subscription through a number of different services, none of which include cable. While an HBO subscription does come with HBO GO, it’s not the only way to get one. Getting HBO without cable is simple. It’s worth noting that you may find HBO GO without cable is listed as HBO NOW. These services are interchangeable and identical. So, if you’re looking for HBO GO, but don’t have cable, you’ll find that HBO NOW is the same thing! Keep reading, so we can tell you how to get HBO GO without cable.

HBO offers some of the best programming between all premium cable channels. With hits like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Girls, and Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO is one of the most popular networks with both cable subscribers and cord cutters. This article will share the four best ways to get an HBO GO subscription.


Get HBO GO without Cable from Amazon Channels



There are plenty of reasons to join Amazon Prime. Beyond the two-day shipping, which is a great deal on its own, you will receive:

  • Over 2 million songs in the Prime Music library
  • Thousands of TV shows and movies through Prime Video
  • Free audiobooks through Audible
  • And much more!

The annual membership costs $99 a year, which equates to about $8.75 a month. This makes it one of the cheapest streaming services around. If you want a monthly subscription, you can sign up to just the video part of Prime for $8.99 a month.

While Prime does not technically offer HBO GO, through Amazon Channels you will receive everything that comes with HBO GO or HBO NOW for $15/month, which is the price you’d pay for HBO NOW. You’ll receive all the shows, documentaries, and movies available. The library is the same, it’s just accessible through your Prime account. While Prime gives you a 30-day trial, Amazon Channels gives you a free week on their own, so you can try HBO or other Amazon Channels before committing to them.

You can learn more about Amazon Prime in our full Prime Video review.

Remember, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member you should sign up today for your free 30-day trial!


DIRECTV NOW has the HBO GO Online Equivalent with Live Stream


Do you want to find a way to watch HBO live stream without having to order a cable subscription? DIRECTV NOW is one of those ways. DIRECTV NOW offers four different packages for between $30 and $70 each month. HBO, Cinemax, and other premium channels are an additional price per channel. HBO and Cinemax are just $5 per channel, except for the $70 package, in which they are already included.

Get up to 120 channels in the largest package. No matter your package, you will receive channels that include Galavision, WE tv, TNT, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Audience, Velocity, and TBS. Watch DIRECTV NOW on all your favorite streaming devices, including mobile devices, Apple TV, web browsers and even Roku. Our DIRECTV NOW review breaks down all the ways you can watch the service!

Local channel content comes in two different ways – on-demand all over the country, and live stream in certain parts of the country, such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Miami. Check it out for yourself in the DIRECTV NOW free week trial! It’s one way to watch HBO streaming free!


Get HBO GO with Sling TV

hbo go without cable

Can you get HBO GO without cable? You can if you have Sling TV! Here are some details:

  • You get 20 popular cable channels for $20 a month
  • Some of the included channels are AMC, A&E, TBS, TNT, and ESPN
  • You can add on channels like HBO and Cinemax
  • Adding on an HBO subscription is $15 a month, bringing your monthly total to $35
  • In addition to live stream channels you receive an on-demand library

The HBO add-on gives you complete access to the HBO GO library. You receive all of the movies and every complete series that is available to someone who has cable. You can learn more about Sling TV in our full review and you can sign up for a free 7-day trial. If you sign up for 3-months of Sling TV they will give you a free Roku. That means for $60 you’ll get three months of Sling TV and a free Roku 2, which normally costs $70!


PS Vue has an HBO Option Available

playstation vue review

PlayStation Vue has packages that start at $40/month which includes some local channels in select cities (or on-demand access otherwise). Among the channel offerings, you’ll have AMC, Bravo, CNN, Cartoon Network, Food Network, OWN, FOX News, MSNBC, Syfy, USA, TNT, ESPN, and more. HBO is one of the add-on options, and like with other streaming services you have the on-demand HBO offerings plus HBO live stream access. Of the four PS Vue packages, you can add-on HBO to the first three, and in the fourth package, available for $75/month, you’ll get it in the package.

With PS Vue, you can watch the HBO live stream on iOS, Chromecast, Amazon Fire devices, Roku, PS3/PS4, and other devices. It’s important to note that mobile restrictions do exist, but you can sign in to TV Everywhere apps when you’re out of the home to watch content that would otherwise be blocked.

Our PS Vue review has the rest of the details you might need. Otherwise, if you’re ready to experience PlayStation Vue, you can sign up for their free five-day trial!


HBO NOW and HBO GO – What is the difference?

hbo go without cable

HBO NOW is the cord cutter’s equivalent to HBO GO. It’s the same service with a slightly different name. Basically, HBO NOW is the standalone service for people who don’t have cable. That said, all of the movies you receive, and the access to HBO shows, is exactly the same. While the service is not a live stream, new episodes arrive for viewing at the exact time they air on TV, so it’s as close to a live stream as the real thing.

HBO NOW is just $14.99 a month, which is cheaper than buying HBO through most cable companies. And, if you sign up for a subscription you receive a 30-day trial to kick things off!


Borrow your Friend’s HBO GO Login!

Remember that old saying, ‘Sharing is Caring’? Share passwords with a friend. You could even go in on a subscription with a friend to cut down on the cost. The reality is that HBO’s CEO doesn’t mind if people share passwords.

His exact words concerning account sharing were: “It’s not that we’re unmindful of it, it just has no impact on the business.” He went on to praise the idea saying it is a “terrific marketing vehicle for the next generation of viewers”. He also spoke of HBO’s goal of creating ‘TV addicts’ and noted that password sharing could lead to more subscribers in the future.

So, with the blessing of the CEO of HBO, if you can’t afford an HBO subscription of your own, make friends with someone that already has one!

If you have any other questions about how to watch HBO GO without cable, you can check out our HBO Live Stream guide here.

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