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*UPDATE 7/22: HBO NOW is also available on some Android and Amazon mobile devices. Details added below.

*UPDATE 4/7: HBO NOW has officially dropped via Apple TV. Read all about it in my new post here.

*UPDATE 3/19 with more info on with info on Cablevision deal.

*As I learn more, I will update this post, making sure it’s the go-to source for all HBO streaming information!


For the longest time, cable TV had an ace in the hole that kept many of their customers from leaving – HBO. Without a cable subscription, HBO fans couldn’t readily access their shows without “borrowing” a friend’s HBO GO password or waiting patiently to watch later for a la carte prices on something like iTunes.

But now that has changed. Enter HBO NOW, their exclusive streaming service, and home to all their great original programming, like Game of Thrones streaming.


When, Where, and How (Much) to Get HBO Streaming

HBO NOW launched on April 15, 2015. At the time, HBO worked out an exclusive deal with Apple for the first 3 months after launch. That meant you were only able to access it through one of Apple’s devices or a PC. Not so coincidentally, Apple also lowered the price of Apple TV to $69 at the time.

Around the same time, Cablevision and HBO came to terms on an agreement that made HBO NOW available through Cablevision’s internet and wireless services (Optimum Online). This made Cablevision the first cable network to provide the service.

Finally, in July 2015, HBO NOW started to expand out to other devices. As of right now, it is also available on most Android phones and tablets as well as Amazon’s Fire Tablet. It’s expected to soon be available on Google Chromecast, Android streaming players, and Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

When you sign up through your Apple device, you get the first month free, which means HBO is following the example that streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have already set. The service will also be available at

If you aren’t in the US, for now you’re out of luck. However, HBO execs have said they are looking into international opportunities. So hopefully it will be coming soon enough.


Is HBO Now the Same as HBO GO?

It’s no secret that many of you, cord cutters or not, are sharing HBO GO passwords. But obviously HBO hopes to slow it down a bit and convert some password stealers into paying customers with HBO Now. So the question on everyone’s mind is, how does the new HBO streaming service compare with HBO GO?

Well, if you go to, the description ensures us that we will get:

  • Every episode of every season of HBO’s original programming
  • A selection of hit Hollywood movies
  • Documentaries and comedy specials
  • Sports

The HBO GO app includes all of what’s mentioned there. That being said, I think it’s safe to say that HBO NOW will be pretty comparable to HBO GO.


Does HBO NOW Mean the End to HBO Password Sharing?


Doubtful. But my guess is that HBO NOW will be a huge step in getting a large number of cable subscribers to finally part ways with their service. Once they do that, they’ll no longer have HBO GO, and neither will the people who were sharing their passwords.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that people won’t share HBO NOW passwords. However, the hope here is obviously that a lot of people who were getting it for free will be willing to pay the $15 a month to get their own service.


Thanks to the New HBO Streaming Service, You Can Finally Get Rid of Cable

The reasons are obvious. It’s easy, and you can save a ton. And now with HBO NOW, you can get all the programming you want. Check out my post, “How to Get Rid of Cable-A Step by Step Guide” and learn more about how you can cut the cord.

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