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Euro 2016

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Iceland and Austria will meet in France for a Euro 2016 match. Want to watch the Iceland vs Austria live stream?

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This week promises several very exciting Euro 2016 matches, including one on Wednesday, June 22nd at 12 p.m. ET, when Austria and Iceland face off. Austria may be considered a slight favorite, but Iceland is not a team to underestimate. Fans from both sides (and soccer fans in general!) are eagerly awaiting the match. If you’d like to watch the Iceland vs Austria live stream, you can learn how in the guide below.

Whether you’re no longer a cable customer because of the exorbitant prices charged, or if you’re just not going to be home during this game, you may be wondering how to watch Iceland vs Austria online. Well, you’re in luck, as we’ll go over your best options in detail in the guide below.


Enjoy the Iceland vs Austria Live Stream via Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great online streaming service that can easily provide a replacement for expensive cable TV packages. Sling will cost you just $20 a month, compared to $100+ for cable TV. And, although Sling is different than cable, it provides a lot of the same great features – including a way to watch the Iceland vs Austria stream.

This match is set to air on ESPN2 this Wednesday. Thankfully, Sling TV offers ESPN 2 live streaming in their basic package of channels. This means you can use Sling TV to watch the Iceland vs Austria live stream!

And don’t forget, Sling is good for a lot more than live sports – their basic package includes upwards of 20 channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, HGTV, CNN, TBS, AMC, TNT and many more. If that’s not enough selection for you, there are lots of add-on packages available for as little as $5 a month, which boost your channel selection. For our Spanish speaking readers, there’s a Best of Spanish TV package for an extra $5 a month, which will let you watch the Iceland vs Austria stream in Spanish this week. See the full Sling TV channel list for details.

Simply put, Sling TV packs a lot of value into a small price tag. Not only that, but they’re very generous with their deals. For instance, Sling and T-Mobile recently partnered up to offer T-Mobile customers 30% off their Sling TV bill! Additionally, anyone who signs up for 3 months of Sling TV and pays in advance will be mailed a free Roku 2 streaming box (a $70 value!) The Roku will let you stream directly on your TV – otherwise, you can use Sling on your mobile devices, computers, smart TVs, and more.

If you’re interested in trying out the service, click here to start your free Sling TV trial period!


Use PlayStation Vue to Watch Iceland vs Austria Online

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue offers another easy method to watch the Iceland vs Austria stream, as it too provides ESPN2 in its streaming package. In fact, Vue offers a ton of different channels in their packages, with options ranging from 55 to 100+ channels. Regardless of the package you choose, both ESPN and ESPN2 will be included, which means Vue will provide an easy way to watch Euro 2016 online.

While Vue does have a superior selection of channels, it is a bit limited in the device compatibility department. In order to use PlayStation Vue to watch TV online, you’ll need either a PlayStation gaming console, a Google Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV, or an iOS device. Also of note, you generally cannot watch Vue while out and about, as viewing is restricted to your home. You can learn more in our PlayStation Vue review.


What If I Live Outside the US?

If you’re not located in America, you will have to use other options than those mentioned above. If you live in the UK, try using the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps to stream the match live. If you’re not in the UK, some suggest you could use a VPN to change your IP to the UK and then use one of the two players just mentioned. But not everyone agrees this is the right thing to do.


Iceland vs Austria Streaming Schedule

Date: Wednesday, June 22nd
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN2/ESPN Deportes
Best Streaming Service: Sling TV


Iceland and Austria have been very evenly matched in their 3 most recent matches. However, with Iceland’s impressive performance against a dominant Portugal, the tide may be turning to favor them. Additionally, after Austria’s 0-2 loss to Hungary last week, they’re not feeling extremely confident moving forward. Based on this, I’d give Iceland a slight edge – but time will tell on this match! You definitely won’t want to miss the Iceland vs Austria live stream – and you won’t have to!

Want to watch the rest of Euro 2016 without cable? Check our UEFA Euro 2016 streaming guide. And if you’re someone who just can’t get enough soccer, our guides will show you how to watch soccer online across most major leagues and teams.

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