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Euro 2016

This Monday, June 13th, the national teams from Ireland and Sweden will play each other. Want to watch the Ireland vs Sweden live stream?

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While the Republic Of Ireland and Sweden are not two powerhouse soccer teams, it should be an interesting match to watch nonetheless. Group D is a tough group to compete in, and both teams are going to look for a win out of the gates. The style of Ireland is to play a lot of defense, but goals may be hard to come by against a defense-minded Sweden team. For this reason, we can expect both groups to attack, and it should be a fun match to watch. If you’re looking to watch the Ireland vs Sweden live stream, you can learn how in this guide.

If you are looking to watch the match between Ireland and Sweden, you don’t have to go to a local bar or pub, nor do you have to put up with pirated streams that offer very little in the way of quality. No, if you are looking to catch the Ireland vs Sweden stream, you can do so legally and safely. Below is a short guide on how to watch Ireland vs Sweden online.

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Watch Ireland vs Sweden Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV

Without a doubt, the best way to watch Ireland versus Sweden, or any other matches of Euro 2016 for that reason is by signing up for Sling TV. Many have heard of this service, but it is still relatively new. Sling TV (review here) is a streaming service that allows you to watch the Ireland vs Sweden live stream, as well as many of your favorite TV shows – and other soccer matches.

The service costs only $20 a month, and it includes over 20 channels, all without a contract required. Whether you want to watch your favorite sitcoms, MLB, NBA or the Euro 2016 tournament, Sling TV is a good choice. So, whether you just want to watch Ireland vs Sweden online or many other shows, Sling TV offers a lot.

The service, as mentioned, costs $20 a month, and it is great for a sports fan who wants ESPN and ESPN 2. ESPN is set to host this match, and the majority of the Euro 2016. Unfortunately, ESPN Deportes (who will host the match in Spanish) is extra, but it is only $5 a month more, and it comes with a host of other channels, which is included in the Best of Spanish TV package. All in all, a good deal if you want to watch sports all year round.

With Sling TV, you can catch matches all over the world, especially if you get ESPN Deportes. With a free 7-day no obligation trial, you literally have nothing to lose. Not only that, since the service is $20 a month for the basic package, which includes so much, you are going to save a lot over pricey cable.

If you want to watch the Ireland vs Sweden stream, you are almost sure to love it on a big screen television. With the Roku device, which is included free when you sign up for 3-months of service, you can stream to your big screen TV to get the ultimate experience. The service is available on so many devices, and you probably have one or more in your house. You can stream via your computer, many smartphone devices and your iPad, as well as many other devices.

Finally, if you use T-Mobile, you are in luck as Sling TV is running a promotion for T-mobile customers – 30% of the Best of Live TV base package. This means that if you are a customer of T-mobile, you would only pay $14 a month for a service that offers so much. On top of that, you are under no obligation to continue the service as there are no contracts, unlike with cable television. However, most people love the service, and with such a great price, it is hard to see why anyone would cancel. Finally, if you have T-Mobile and Sling TV, there is another bonus – with T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, you can stream to your mobile devices without any worry as it won’t count against your data plan. This means even if you are on the go, you can watch the Ireland vs Sweden live stream without wasting your valuable data.


Watch the Ireland vs Sweden Stream on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

While an up-and-coming service, PlayStation Vue is a great one to consider if you want to watch the Ireland vs Sweden live stream. With ESPN and ESPN2 live streaming, you can watch a high quality stream of the game from the comfort of your home. While it does not currently offer ESPN Deportes, this service is available nationwide and offers a host of channels starting at $29.99 a month.

Currently, PlayStation Vue is available on the PS3 and PS4, as well as the iPad, Amazon Fire TV Devices and Chromecast, though, since the service is relatively new, it should offer more options in the future. If you want to travel and watch television online, you may want to consider other services as it has serious restrictions outside of the home. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can stream away from home, but with serious restrictions. In the end, while Sling TV is the better service, it is worth it to consider both. To get the full picture of PlayStation Vue, check out our full-length review.


What About Non-US Options?

If you’re not in the US, you can’t use Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. But if you live in the UK, then you stream using the BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub apps. Outside the UK, we’ve seen it suggested that you can use a VPN to change your IP location and use those players in different regions. Although this technique is considered a bit of a grey area.


Ireland vs Sweden Streaming Schedule

Date: Monday, June 13th
Time: 12:00 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN/ESPN Deportes
Best Streaming Service: Sling TV


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