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On July 12th, the best players in the MLB will come together for the 2016 All Star Game. Want to watch the MLB All Star Game online?

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On July 12th, the American and National Leagues will face off in the MLB All Star Game. The first pitch will come in at 8:00 p.m. ET and the game is a can’t miss for casual or avid baseball fans. The last few years have seen some incredibly exciting All Star games as baseball remains one of the only sports that can create an exciting match up during All Star weekend. You won’t want to miss the MLB All Star Game live stream, and you won’t have to! 

The National League team will be looking to end the American League’s three-year winning streak and secure home field advantage for the eventual National League Champion in the World Series. If you do not have cable, there are multiple options to watch the game on FOX. Check out below guide to figure out which one works best for you!


Sling TV Offers a MLB All Star Game Live Stream from FOX

Sling TV

Sling TV will be an option to watch the MLB All Star Game live stream without having a cable subscription. The subscription streaming service provides you with direct access to over 30 great TV channels live on its service for just $25 a month. In one of the base packages, FOX is available in select locations which is how you’ll be able to watch MLB All Star game online. In the other locations, FOX offers wide ranging content on-demand the day after the shows or events air on Sling TV.

The starting package includes other channels like FS1, FX, FOX Sports regional networks, TBS, TNT, National Geographic, and AMC. In total, there are over 30 channels and they can be live streamed on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV with a connected device like Chromecast or Roku. Right now, you can even get the MLB All Star game streaming free with Sling TV’s 7-day free trial.

When you subscribe to three months of Sling TV there are often offers to receive great discounted rates on Roku’s or Apple TV. You can check out the Sling TV site to learn more about the current Roku (currently a FREE Roku 2) and Apple TV offers (currently $60 off Apple TV).

If you want to learn more about Sling TV, check out our full review of the service.


Watch MLB All Star Game Streaming on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is structured similar to Sling TV and will be another way to stream MLB All Star Game online or on your TV. It is a subscription service costing $29.99 per month for live streaming access to over 50 channels. Similar to Sling TV, FOX is included in certain locations across the United States in the starting package of the service. The locations with FOX have an increased price of $39.99 per month and also include access to CBS, NBC, and ABC that is not available in the other locations.

Regardless of location, you can watch MLB All Star Game online on-demand through PlayStation Vue. And, all of the locations have packages with channels like FS1, FS2, FX, ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, TNT, Comedy Central, and many more. Learn more about PlayStation Vue including the expanded channel packages in our review.


Stream MLB All Star Game with an Antenna and OTA DVR

antenna DVR combo

A digital antenna lets you pick up channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC from their over-the-air network broadcasts. In turn, you can watch these channels live right on your TV for absolutely free. The only cost included is the investment in the antenna and you can check out our guide on picking the right antenna to make the best investment possible.

If you do want to get a MLB All Star Game live stream with the antenna, you simply need to combine the setup with an over-the-air DVR. These DVRs offer all the traditional features like pause, rewind, and record, but also let you live stream whatever your antenna is receiving. You hook it up to your internet connection and can easy stream MLB All Star Game live from your computer, phone, or tablet as long as your antenna is picking it up. There are lots of OTA DVRs on the market, so check out our guide to help any buying decisions.


To learn more about the 2016 MLB All Star Game, head over to the official website. As of this writing, the players have not been official announced, but the fan voting has concluded and the results will give you a pretty good idea of who is set to take the field on the 12th.

If you want to watch more baseball live without cable after the All-Star break, check out our full MLB streaming guide!

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