$400 Set Top Box From Caavo Is A Streamer’s Dream, Unifying Every Provider and Device On One Screen

One of the biggest problems for a cord cutter is that without cable, everything’s not in one place. You have to juggle remotes and change inputs to watch content from different providers, and there are some times what you want just isn’t available at all because companies don’t play well together (say, if you have Apple TV but you want to watch something on Amazon Video).

A new streaming box from Caavo could change that though. But be warned – it’s not cheap. The set top box (which currently has a price tag of $400) debuted at Recode Conference, and is intended to unify virtually any streaming device or provider on the market. It’s packed with enough HDMI ports that even the most dedicated of streamers will still have room. Before you call it a really fancy input switcher though, you should know it’s much more.

The biggest advantage here is that every streaming service like Netflix to Hulu to Amazon and every streaming device like Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire is in one place. It even works with Amazon’s voice recognition. But Caavo doesn’t just show channels to those services like a smart TV, it deeps links to the actual content library. You can search Netflix’s selection and then browse Amazon’s without actually having to open either app.

iTunes, Roku, Fire TV, Hulu, and Chromecast…. it’s all available on the same screen, controlled by one remote.

The box is still a work in progress, and doesn’t support all DVR features at the moment. But the Caavo team said those require “direct partnerships” that take time to develop. So for now, their attention is elsewhere.

Caavo’s new streaming control box certainly isn’t cheap. But if it does everything it promises (which it’s done so far), it should be a hit when it officially debuts.

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