7 Shocking Comcast Horror Stories You Have to Read to Believe


Comcast might be the largest cable company in the country, but most people will tell you the only reason they are Comcast customers is because they don’t have another service option. Bad customer service will ruin most companies, but in this case, with limited options for cable and/or Internet services, many people are forced to deal with the unnecessary drama.

If you’ve ever had Comcast, you probably have horror stories of your own. From unauthorized charges to billing mistakes, the one thing we all can agree on is that in most cases Comcast can be a nightmare to deal with.

With that in mind, here are 7 Comcast Stories that are so outrageous you must read them to believe them.


1 – The time charges were only removed thanks to a recording

When Tim Davis moved into his new home he did something lots of people do. He opted to install his own cable box. This led to the need for a technician to come out and Comcast claimed it would be free. Davis recorded that call and it’s a good thing he did, because it led to a bill for close to $182 in services.

The first time Davis called, he told them the charges were bogus and hung up after being on hold for an hour. The next time, a supervisor informed him the charges were wrong, but he still owed $82 instead. After letting the agent he was speaking to know that he had a recording of the original call, a supervisor forgave the charge, not because they wanted to do the right thing, but because of the recording. Still, they made sure to point out that it was for the recording more so than the worker who promised no charge and was incorrect in what they said.


2 – The time they just wouldn’t let someone cancel their service

Ryan Block is the former head of Engadget. He’s a tech guy so it’s safe to assume that he knows what he wants in his Internet service. So, when he called Comcast to drop his service he wasn’t going to deal with a representative that absolutely refused to take “No” for an answer.

The call, which is more hilarious than you could imagine, was already in progress for 10 minutes when Block started the recording. His wife called and Block takes the phone and begins recording after they have given every possible reason why they’d like to cancel, but it’s still not good enough.


3 – The time when canceling sparked a name change

Asshole Brown Cable Bill


Lisa Brown is from Spokane, Washington. Well, that was her name until Comcast changed it to “Asshole Brown.” She became aware of her new name when she found a service bill in the mail. Brown assumes that the name change was a product of her calling Comcast to remove her cable. A rep tried to get her to change her mind, and while Brown insists she was never rude, she did not take their offer.

She called local offices, understandably upset about her new name change, but she said they would not do anything to help her. In fact, she had to get in touch with Comcast HQ for the change to be made.


4 – The time they took nearly $2,000 from someone’s account accidentally

Can you imagine checking your bank account and finding $1,775 missing? It happened to a man named Robert. He had business service with Comcast and cancelled his service. Next thing he knows, he’s hit with an early termination fee to the tune of $1,775.

When Comcast agreed that it was their fault, they promised a check, but two months in he still didn’t get his money back. He called and the representative laughed at him and said it would be three months. He called that summer and was informed there was a mistake and the check was on the way. The next year he called and was told there was another mistake and it was for real being sent out. Finally, almost a year later he received an email. “We generally only issue a refund check for a disconnected account with a credit balance leftover. For your situation, you would have to dispute the payment with your bank.”


5 – The time a woman received a new label

Super B Bauer


Mary Bauer is a 63-year-old woman who like millions of other people was having a problem with Comcast. In her case, her problem was that Comcast kept shutting her cable off and she kept having to call and get it fixed. It was so bad, that she had to have 39 technicians come out from November to April.

Her cable eventually stayed on, but then the bills stopped coming. Mary even called and asked what she owed. She states, “I was a little hot and a little angry because I never got good service.” Still nicer than most, Mary did not swear at them or call them any names. Still, her bill finally came and was labeled Super Bitch Bauer. Mary was understandably upset. Meanwhile, Comcast claims they are investigating.


6 – The time a deceased man couldn’t cancel his service

A woman named Betty lost her husband and called to cancel the Comcast bill in his name. The call quickly became a nightmare when she was told that she wouldn’t be allowed to cancel the service. The rep told her that cancel the service and that her husband would need to do it. She explained that he was recently deceased, but that didn’t change the response. She continued to explain that her husband was dead. Still, she was told that he’s the only one that could close the account.

When she called the next day she got the same result. In fact, they made her go into a local office with a death certificate to prove her husband was dead so that they could cancel the account. Needless to say, Betty never went back to Comcast. Who could blame her?


7 – That time when the creeps crawled out of the box

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious aversion to bugs. So, this particular story would make me avoid cable altogether, and just buy a Roku. Recounting a horrific ordeal with Comcast, a Buzzfeed member states that they received a cable box straight from Comcast. It was the dead of winter and within hours of having the TV installed, roaches started coming from the box.

To make things worse, Comcast refused to admit fault. They also wouldn’t even pay for the exterminator.

Do you have a Comcast horror story? If you do, feel free to share them in the comments!

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  1. Kathy Glaser | May 29, 2017 at 12:07 pm |

    I had a similar experience as Betty. When my brother, who lived in Illinois, passed away, I had to take care of his affairs but I live in Missouri. I was at work on the phone with Comcast trying to cancel service and they said only my brother could return the equipment. I ended up yelling “My brother is dead. Do you understand DEAD???” A friend eventually returned the equipment for me. Never Comcast!

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