Live, Local CBS and CW Coming to DIRECTV NOW, Plus Several Other Networks

CBS live stream

DIRECTV NOW subscribers woke up to a little good news this week: many of them are getting their local CBS and CW affiliates live. Local network programming has becoming a hotly contested area over the past few months, and DirecTV just filled a big gap in their coverage.

Thanks to a new deal between CBS and DirecTV, subscribers in many markets now have their local CW and CBS affiliate streaming live, and every subscriber gets CBS Sports, Showtime and Pop. It’s just a few channels added to each subscriber’s channel guide, but this is a big deal for DIRECTV NOW.

According to CBS, in addition to live streaming, each of these networks will have many of their shows available on demand as well.

To start off, CBS said, live streaming of local affiliates will only be done on those stations that are actually operated and owned by CBS. Other affiliates that aren’t directly owned will be able to participate “going forward” (no timetable was given), and it’s expected that many of them will.

Most important in this news is that since they now have CBS, DIRECTV NOW has every “big four” network (ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX) streaming live in more than 100 markets – and in all 7 of the top markets, including New York, Philadelphia, SF, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

This was a move that DIRECTV NOW really needed to make, especially considering that several of their rivals, YouTube, Hulu, and fuboTV, recently inked their own deals with CBS.

DIRECTV NOW has just over half a million subscribers at this point, and this news is nothing but good. Live, local affiliates is the number one thing that people cutting cable say they miss, so it’s crucial for these new streaming services to have them.

Subscribers should have their new networks immediately.

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