Amazon’s TV Network Subscription Service is Here

amazon prime partnersThe wait is over, and Amazon just took a giant leap forward in the cord cutting game. Now with the Amazon Streaming Partners Program, Amazon Prime subscribers have the opportunity to subscribe to other TV networks from within the Amazon Prime framework, giving users access to those networks’ on-demand libraries with free trials.

What networks are now available to Amazon Prime members? It looks like to start, members can subscribe to Starz and Showtime…and more. It’s an interesting choice for Amazon, as Starz and Showtime are two of HBO’s biggest competitors for premium content. And although HBO is in the lead for original content up to this point, this could be a big step forward for both networks.

Will Amazon continue to branch out with more network offerings? Recently, AFTV News stated that “a trusted source, who wishes to remain anonymous” said Amazon’s service would launch on 12/8/2015. Well, it looks like the source was right. Te source also implied that Amazon would make more networks available in the future. The question is — which ones?

While it’s highly unlikely Amazon will get in bed with the likes of Netflix or Hulu, adding HBO could really make Prime the go-to spot for quality TV shows and movies. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops!

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