Amid Fox Rumors, Disney Announces ESPN Plus and New Streaming-Service-Exclusive Shows

Disney was in the news again yesterday as CEO Bob Iger announced the projected launch date of its ESPN streaming service (now officially named ESPN Plus) and the greenlighting of several new shows that will premiere exclusively on Disney’s in-progress streaming app.

Back in August, the company announced it would pull its content from Netflix beginning in 2019 to build its own yet-to-be-named streaming service. Disney also announced it would be starting its own ESPN streaming service, which could potentially become the only place to watch content from the sports broadcasting giant.

Since then, we’ve seen Disney aggressively moving forward with this plan, most notably in news of its talks with 21st Century Fox to acquire Fox’s entertainment wing. Such an acquisition would give Disney rights to the Fox movie library, TV channels, original programming, show reruns, and franchises like the X-Men and Fantastic 4.

During yesterday’s quarterly earnings call, Iger also shared that while revenue was lower than expected for the tail end of the year, the company would be moving forward with a number of new shows that would be available exclusively through the new Disney streaming app. These shows would include a live-action Star Wars show, a Monsters Inc. show, another original series from the Marvel universe, and a fresh High School Musical series.

What does this mean for cord-cutters? Mainly, that the upcoming Disney streaming service is looking more and more viable. Though talks with Fox have stalled, a deal is still within the realm of possibility. And if it happens, Disney would take a sizeable chunk of Netflix’s most popular shows. And with new shows now on the books, Disney would be able to draw a larger audience to its new service.

What do you think? Will the new shows be enough for you to sign up for a Disney streaming service? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more cord-cutting news.

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