Anime Streaming Service Crunchyroll Hits 1 Million Paid Subscribers

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Fresh on the heels of the news that the HBO NOW streaming app hit the 2 million subscriber mark, another niche streaming service hit a big mark of their own.

Crunchyroll, the anime streaming service that launched less than three years ago, announced today that they’ve reached 1 million subscribers and 20 million registered users. Executives said the service hit the million mark after record growth in 2016, with a 36% increase in paid subscriptions in 12 months. New numbers also show that Crunchyroll streams over 1.5 billion minutes of anime every month, and is currently on over 1 billion devices around the world.

The service is getting so well known that Crunchyroll announced they’ll be holding their very own anime conference, Crunchyroll Expo in August of 2017 in California. Right now, Crunchyroll also has a fairly extensive merchandise store where fans can purchase all sorts of anime related memorabilia, DVDs and clothing.

If you’re not familiar with the name Crunchyroll (read our full review of the service here), it’s a streaming video service that primarily focuses on current and classic Japanese anime. The services features shows that are currently airing in Japan (those become available 24 hours after they air there) along with some classic shows that have ended their run, with the content selection changing often. Users can watch unlimited shows online through the Crunchyroll web site or on a mobile device or smart TV with the Crunchyroll app for less than $10 a month.

When you consider the libraries of streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon (who recently launched their own anime themed service in Amazon Strike), it may be a little surprising to see nice services like this thrive. But when you realize these services offer content that can’t be seen anywhere else, and that there’s a pretty dedicated fan base for this content, the popularity makes sense.

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