CBS Might Soon Launch Its Fourth Streaming App Dedicated to Entertainment News

CBS may soon create its fourth streaming app revolving around the long-running show Entertainment Tonight. Per a report from Variety, the streaming app could potentially provide 24-hour entertainment news.

Leslie Moonves, CBS Corp. CEO, explained, “We’ve talked about next year launching a 24-hour entertainment news service based on our show ET.” The CEO didn’t elaborate beyond the vague hint, but considering the recent advancement of CBS All Access, it seems likely that it will come to fruition soon enough.

If Entertainment Tonight really does become a 24-hour show, it probably won’t run out of content to discuss. Thanks to celebrities and politicians on Twitter and Instagram, it’s pretty easy to find something to talk about every minute of the day. So if you enjoy listening to reactions of the latest celebrity tweet, this app could easily become your best friend.

CBS is the first major network diversifying its programming into apps. With CBS All Access, CBSN, and CBS Sports each manifested in app, it begs the question whether other major networks will follow suit and make programming more accessible for its cord-cutting audiences.

What do you think about networks creating specialized apps? Would you be interested in watching a 24-hour entertainment news network? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to follow us on Facebook if you want to stay updated on the latest streaming news.

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