Crunchyroll Expands Reach, Adds Support For Fire TV

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In a post on their message board, Crunchyroll announced exciting news for fans: the anime streaming service is adding a Fire TV app.

If you’re not familiar with Crunchyroll (read our full review of the service here), it’s an anime-centric streaming service that offers up everything from currently airing anime shows to classic anime. The service has thousands of hours of content, and costs less than $7 a month for a premium membership with unlimited access. The Crunchyroll library is constantly evolving, which makes is pretty popular with anime fans.

While the service primarily has Japanese and Chinese anime shows, there are also several Asian comedies and live action dramas available. The site also has a bustling forum with news, discussion, and more, that’s incredibly popular with fans as well.

Crunchyroll rose to dominance pretty quickly in their niche, hitting one million subscribers earlier this month. But if fans had one complaint, it was that the service just wasn’t available on a ton of platforms. That changes though, now that Crunchyroll is available on Fire TV. That means fans can now watch Crunchyroll on their Fire Stick or Fire TV, plus Fire mobile devices like tablets. Crunchyroll’s Amazon app has support for both free and premium users, including the ability to search by title, build a queue, and see an account’s viewing history.

Right now, the Crunchyroll anime streaming service is also available on Apple TV and Roku, plus Android and iOS devices, and several gaming consoles. The service didn’t give an answer as to why it’s just now adding Amazon support.

The news comes not long after Amazon launched their own anime streaming service called Strike, which costs just $5 a month for Prime Video subscribers. As the service continues to grow, expect to see support for more devices being added.


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