DIRECTV NOW Approaches Half a Million Subscribers


As more and more households cut the cable and the streaming wars continue to heat up, some new contenders are stepping up to possibly rival giants like Hulu and Netflix . According to ATT’s Q2 2017 Earnings Report, their popular DIRECTV NOW streaming television package is approaching a half a million subscribers. The earnings report also states that AT&T’s overall revenues are up 10.8%, likely spurred by the growth of DIRECTV NOW.

Over 200,000 new DIRECTV NOW subscribers were reported in Q1 2017, while 152,000 new subscribers signed up for the over-the-top streaming television package in the second quarter, showing that the streaming service is steadily gaining in popularity. Those numbers are good news for AT&T, whose total number of traditional TV subscribers dropped by a whopping 351,000 in second-quarter 2017, coupled with a loss of 156,000 DIRECTV satellite subscribers. Ouch. Luckily, the gains of DIRECTV NOW offset those losses somewhat, showing that AT&T will likely shift its focus more towards internet-based (over-the-top) streaming television going forward. To that end, AT&T has plans to add a host of attractive new features to their streaming service, including a cloud-based DVR, the ability to pause live TV broadcasts, download capabilities offline viewing, 4K support, and user profiles.

DIRECTV NOW has stepped up as a go-to, one stop cable or satellite replacement for many households. For prices much lower than a traditional cable or satellite subscription (plans begin at $35 a month), DTV offers dozens of the most popular television networks with the ability to add on premium networks. In fact, the only real difference between DIRECTV NOW and a cable package is the type of physical cable over which the service is transmitted. Whether coaxial cable or ethernet, what’s the real difference? Until these “cable cutting” packages do away with advertising the way video-on-demand services like Hulu and Netflix have, not much has changed. Still, $35 for a television package is a steal, and the new features on the way make DIRECTV NOW an even more compelling option for kicking the cable subscription.

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