In the shadow of the success of streaming video subscription, Fox has been trying to find new ways to boost digital single movie sales. And one of those has just been released for Apple TV.

Fox’s Movie of the Day app offers a deep discount on a different movie every day from a rotating selection. Through the app, films can be purchased for a price that’s usually between $4.99 and $9.99 per movie (a savings of up to 75% off of the normal price). Titles range from big name blockbusters to indie films.

For the new Apple TV release, the company gave customers a look at some upcoming titles, including hits like Deadpool, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, and Kingsman: The Secret Service. From here on out though, customers will need to check the app every single day to see what films are available.

To help customers decide, the app will give user reviews, movie cast information, a film synopsis, and other details on screen. All movie sales will be conducted through iTunes. Once a film is purchased, it will be immediately available in the user’s iTunes library.

Fox first introduced their Movie of the Day app back in May of 2015, and it almost immediately found success. The company estimates that over 90 percent monthly active users look for deals every day.

The new Movie of the Day app was unveiled for Apple TV on February 14.