Are DVD Rentals Coming to a Close? Redbox Offers Rental Streaming

redbox on demandNow you don’t need to visit your nearest Redbox in your pajamas in the dead of winter. Redbox, the DVD rental service in front of basically every 7-11 and supermarket, now offers on-demand rental streaming.

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to give up visiting a Redbox kiosk, don’t worry, those won’t be going anywhere quite yet. The on-demand streaming service is intended to complement the kiosk service, not replace it—at least for now.

“Redbox customers have asked, and today we’re delivering an on-demand option that offers them the best of both the physical and digital worlds,” explained the CEO of Redbox, Galen Smith. “Redbox provides our customers with choice—the value they want and expect from our kiosks, the instant gratification of on-demand rentals and purchases, and the availability of new-release content, all without monthly subscription fees.”

Customers can expect the same new release options on Redbox’s on-demand service that appear in the kiosks. There is a catch, however—renting movies through the streaming service will be more expensive than visiting a kiosk.

Prices for new release rentals on the on-demand service start at $3.99 for a 48-hour rental, as opposed to the rental cost of $1.50 per 24 hours with the kiosks. So there’s still some incentive to throw on sweats and sandals in 20-degree weather to visit your local kiosk. Plus, the close proximity of Redbox kiosks to candy makes another convincing argument.

The question remains whether the cheaper kiosk price will still drive major traffic, or whether the convenience of on-demand releases will overrule the need for physical stations. The next year will likely serve as a testing period for the company. If it finds the on-demand service more popular, it could mean the end of one of the US’s largest DVD rental services.

Could you see yourself using Redbox on-demand service instead of visiting a kiosk? Would you use Redbox over other rental services like Amazon or Apple? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to follow us on Facebook for more updates on the wonderful world of streaming.

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