If You’re A DIRECTV NOW Subscriber, You May Be Getting Free HBO For A Year

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DIRECTV NOW subscribers got a little good news this week from the company – just in time to take advantage of a new season of Game of Thrones. To simply say “thanks” for being a customer, DIRECTV NOW is giving free HBO for a year to a large portion of their subscribers.

The news came courtesy of a post on the official AT&T forums. A company representative posted a message saying, “Here is our way of saying THANK YOU for being the best part of DIRECTV NOW! Starting today all existing customers with active DIRECTV NOW accounts prior to March 6, 2017 are eligible for a LOYALTY REWARD.”

Customers who had an active account before March 6 are eligible to get the free 12 month promotion. There are a few important things to know, though: for one, the deal is only for people with have either the “Go Big” plan or the “Gotta Have It” plan. Two, customers with the free year of HBO will need to cancel it when it’s up, or they’ll be charged the normal rate once the promotional amount expires.

People who have the base level “Live a Little” and “Just Right” plans aren’t completely missing out, though. They’re still getting rewarded in the form of a $5 bill credit towards their account over the next six months. That’s the usual price of the HBO service, and works out to a $30 bonus, good for a free month of service essentially! The bill credit and the free HBO will show up on the customer’s account payment history.

Subscribers who have an eligible account don’t need to do anything. HBO should be available in their channel listing.

If customers have already pay for an HBO add on, they’ll receive the promotional credit once their prepaid amount runs out, and it will still last for 12 months.


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