fuboTV Makes New Changes to Roku App and Adds New FOX Affiliates

fubotv new subscriptionYesterday fuboTV announced, via an email to subscribers, a new Roku app that will make streaming its service even easier.

This news suggests fuboTV is in the midst of a rebranding process as the new app has a completely different look and feel from previous iterations. With so much streaming competition out there, fuboTV seems to be doing its best to stand out.

Along with the app redesign, fuboTV includes 72-hour lookback in its service. The feature allows users to watch programs aired within the last 72 hours. Many users will be relieved to know they can catch their favorite shows even when they forget to set a recording.

The last big announcement from fuboTV is the addition of 12 new FOX affiliate markets. Here’s a list of areas that will receive FOX coverage with fuboTV:

KRQE – Albuquerque, NM
WFOX – Jacksonville, FL
WDRB – Louisville, KY
WVUE – New Orleans, LA
WVBT – Norfolk, VA
WGMB – Baton Rouge, LA
WZDX – Huntsville, AL
WNAC – Providence, RI
KXRM – Colorado Springs, CO
KLRT – Little Rock, AR
KWKT – Waco, TX
WFXR – Roanoke, VA

Even before adding these new affiliate stations, fuboTV led all streaming providers in FOX coverage. If fuboTV can continue to offer more FOX coverage than any other streaming service, it may sway some users over to its side.

Are these new fuboTV updates enough to make you switch streaming providers? Let us know in the comments below. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll keep you updated on the latest from fuboTV.


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