HBO NOW Discounted Prepaid Plans May be on the Horizon


After going through the free one-month trial of HBO NOW, I decided not to renew my subscription, opting to add the HBO live stream to my Sling TV subscription instead. I’m not really an Apple TV fan, and I really just signed up to get a better idea of what they were offering.

Well, today, a customer satisfaction survey with the promise of being entered into a $500 giveaway for my participation arrived in my inbox. I’m glad I bit, because I came across some interesting information. Apparently, HBO is seriously considering the idea of offering prepaid discounts for its standalone streaming service.


The survey asked why I didn’t choose to continue service once the free trial was over. I responded that the price was the primary reason I didn’t continue. Then I was taken to the following screen:

HBO NOWAs you can see, they presented me with four potential discounts. One would offer a second free month to try and retain subscribers. This is similar to what WWE is doing with their WWE network. After cancellation, they offer free one-month trials via email during months when there isn’t one of their major pay-per-views (I actually took advantage of the offer this month).

Get HBO NOW for the Same Price as Amazon Prime?

The other three choices would give discounts for prepaying for a certain number of months. This is similar to what services like MLB.TV do. The one-year prepaid option definitely seems to be the most common offer with other services like Amazon Prime offering pretty similar, if not exactly the same, deals.

If HBO NOW went this route, it would provide a pretty deep and very enticing discount. You could save $79.89 for the year! That’s $6.66 off every month, putting the cost around the same as Netflix.

HBO Wants to Know What Other Streaming Services You’re Using

Here’s another interesting question the survey asked:

HBO Survey

I wonder what their angle is here? It certainly seems like useful data to collect, but how will they use it? My best guess is they’re looking at other streaming services to see what you’re willing to pay vs. what a service provides. Of course, in some cases it’s apples to oranges, with Sling TV offering live streams 24/7.

Are Prepaid Discounts the Right Way to Go?

How would offering these discounts affect HBO NOW’s bottom line? It’s hard to say. While that would be be almost $80 less per subscriber annually, it could get more people to commit to a full year and limit those who jump on and off the service only to catch the newest season of their favorite shows, like Game of Thrones.


I attempted to contact HBO for comment, but have received no reply thus far. Whatever the case, it’s clear that they’re at least tossing around the idea. I, for one, hope it comes to pass!

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