Hulu is the First Live Streaming App for the Nintendo Switch


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Hulu is officially the first American streaming service to hit the Nintendo Switch. In a recent press update, Richard Irving, VP of Product from Hulu, announced both Hulu’s on-demand and livestreaming services are now available for download on the Nintendo Switch.

Hulu’s app should appear as a free download at 12 pm EST on Nintendo’s eShop, and users will be able to sign up for a free month-long trial after downloading it. Users can also opt for a commercial-free experience for $11.99 a month, or a limited-commercials option for $5.99 a month (which is a limited time offer—usually it’s $7.99 a month).

The Nintendo Switch has already been lauded as an amazing device that makes gaming on the go easy and powerful. Now with streaming options built in, and considering that the Switch LCD screen measures 6.2-inches on its diagonal (compared to the 5.8-inch screen of the iPhone X) the Switch is all but guaranteed to make for an excellent streaming experience.

All that considered, Hulu’s arrival could open the floodgates for other streaming services on Nintendo’s latest console. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Netflix on the Switch within a matter of months, and it seems likely other livestreaming providers like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV could join before too long.

We’re excited to try out the app for ourselves and see how it performs. For those of you who own the Nintendo Switch, do you think you’ll use it for streaming now that Hulu is available? For those of you who don’t own a Switch, will this nudge you in the direction of purchasing one?

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