Hulu “Very, Very Focused” On Avoiding Glitches With Live TV Rollout

After seeing their competition encounter waves of problems with their rollout of DirecTV now that led to thousands of unhappy customers, you might think the people at Hulu were dreading the launch of their live streaming TV platform. Rolling out a new service isn’t easy, after all. But Hulu says they’re ready.

Speaking with analysts this week, Fox CEO James Murdoch said the company was “very, very focused” on avoiding any snafus with their live TV rollout.

Murdoch noted that the company already had success this year with concurrent live streams of sporting events, and said that while “you never rule out” problems, he anticipated a very clean launch. “Some of the things you’ve seen over the last number of months are normal for these services,” he said, “and certainly we expect those kinks to be worked out. It’s not an easy technical challenge, but it’s one that’s surmountable.”

Launching a new platform with zero glitches may not really be possible, but when a launch is plagued with problems like AT&T’s DirecTV now has been, that can turn a customer off immediately – and permanently. Thousands of customers have been so unhappy with DirecTV now that they’re already demanding refunds.

Murdoch also noted that one of the toughest challenges so far was finding a price point for Hulu’s streaming TV service. “How do you make the differentiation between the tiers worthwhile… so it doesn’t just become in-or-out of the service?” Murdoch said that he expected the pricing plans to be made available soon though.

Several companies like SlingTV and DirecTV have recently entered the streaming television market, each with their own level of success. The good thing though, noted Murdoch, is that there’s nobody big enough yet to stop new entrants to the market. He hopes that the proliferation of live streaming cable will reverse a trend of declining pay TV revenue.

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