Hulu’s Live TV Service, As Predicted, Will Cost Less Than $40 A Month

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We finally have some solid information about how much Hulu’s live TV service will cost, and there’s no real surprise. A source with information related to the service says the expected price will be $39.99 a month. That’s right in the ballpark of what Hulu’s main competitors (DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube) charge, so the price is pretty much right where everyone thought it would be.

Last January, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said he hoped to keep the service’s price tag less than $40 a month, and it looks like they’ve done so – albeit just barely.

If you’re not familiar with what Hulu has planned, it’s a live streaming TV service (read our review here) similar to a number of other services on the market now. It’s designed to be an alternative to cable, giving subscribers the same channels for a much lower price. Hulu’s live TV plan will have ads, but it will give subscribers access to Hulu’s on demand library (which costs about $10 a month on its own), plus all Hulu original shows, live broadcasts from selected networks, and on demand content from those same networks.

The service will have DVR space, but it’s fairly limited. An upgraded add on package is available that includes up to 200 hours of DVR recordings, and includes unlimited simultaneous streams. There’s no announced price yet, but that add on package is expected to cost less than $20 a month. So even with the add on, Hulu’s TV’s base price is still far below cable.

Of course, since no official announcement has been made, the price for Hulu’s TV service isn’t set in stone. There’s a great chance it could actually be a little lower at release. Considering that the $40 threshold seems to be the barrier for the entry packages to almost every streaming service, it would be a big surprise if the price climbed.

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  1. Correction: Hulu’s service is actually about the same price as PlayStation Vue, which is higher than the others (Sling, which starts at $20, and YouTube TV and DirecTV NOW, which start at about $35).

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